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RoSPA Level 3 Award in Safer People Handling

Master moving and handling excellence with RoSPA’s Level 3 Award for Safer People Handling Training qualification

As organisations strive for excellence in providing safe, compassionate care, the role of a safer people handling trainer has never been more pivotal. And with so many training courses on offer, more people than ever are looking for qualifications with substance. 

That’s why our Ofqual-regulated Safer People Handling Training qualification is set up to provide you with the kudos you need to gain more clients.

If you’re committed to making the workplace safer and utilise RoSPA’s global prominence as a health and safety leader, the Level 3 Award for Safer People Handling Training qualification is for you.

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About the RoSPA Level 3 Award in Safer People Handling

The Level 3 Award for Safer People Handling Training qualification is a prestigious qualification that enables learners to provide suitable and sufficient training that meets Health and safety, welfare and human rights legislative requirements. 

The qualification lasts for three years from the point of award, and explores current best practice within the sectors that move people or individuals, such as public services or health and social care.

Why deliver our qualification?


 ✓  Get international recognition
       - Gain prominence as a recognised RoSPA Qualifications centre.
       - Enhance your credibility through a globally respected qualification.

 ✓  Gain a competitive edge  
       - Stand out in the market by offering a unique and Ofqual regulated                  moving and handling qualification.
       - Use RoSPA’s brand recognition to attract individuals and organisations            looking for moving and handling trainer learning.

 ✓  Benefit from quality assurance 
Benefit from RoSPA’s robust quality assurance process, ensuring the             highest standards of training.
       - Showcase your commitment to excellence with RoSPA’s quality mark.

  Boost professional development  
       -  Elevate the skills and expertise of your trainers via a comprehensive              curriculum
       -  Demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development               for your team.

 ✓  Learn flexibly 
Deliver the qualification over a total qualification time of 35 hours, with 26 of those guided learning hours.

“Our highly trusted qualifications can be added to your organisation's portfolio and be delivered to others when you become a recognised RoSPA Centre”

Julia Small
RoSPA Achievements Director

What does the RoSPA Level 3 Award in Safer people Handling qualification cover?

This safer people handling qualification consists of three mandatory units:

Unit 1 - Understanding the principles and practices of the safe movement of people

This unit explores the moral, social and economic reasons for implementing safe handling practices in the workforce. Learners will also understand the regulatory landscape and how human rights and health and safety legislation underpin safe manual handling in the workplace.  

Unit 2 – Implementing a risk assessment with in a people handling environment

Learners will understand the different types of risk assessment and their essential components, while exploring personal handling plans. It will also teach how to implement these while ensuring the dignity and autonomy of a person while promoting staff safety. 

Unit 3 – Applying safe practices to the movement of people

With the fundamentals secured, this unit teaches learners about the physiological aspects of moving and handling, such as the structure of the spine, biomechanical risks inherent in moving and handling and how to reduce the risk of an injury occurring.

All three units are mandatory and must be passed to gain the qualification. The total qualification time is 25 hours with 16 hours of guided learning.

How is this qualification assessed?


Practical demonstration


Observation of
practical skills


Written assignment


Question and answers.


How to deliver our RoSPA Level 3 Award for Safer People Handling Trainers

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Become a recognised RoSPA Qualification Centre

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