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OPSS has launched two consultations for modernising UK product safety. Stakeholder input is crucial...

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has launched two new product safety consultations in line with the UK Government's emphasis on smarter regulations.

The first consultation, known as the Product Safety Review, aims to modernise the UK's product safety framework to enhance consumer protection, ease business burdens, and stimulate economic growth. This initiative recognises that the product landscape has evolved significantly in recent years due to online marketplaces and internet-connected devices. The review proposes clearer responsibilities for online marketplaces, specific digital proposals on e-labelling, and more flexible obligations on businesses, all designed to create a responsive and agile regulatory framework.

The second consultation focuses on revamping fire safety regulations for domestic upholstered furniture. It seeks to replace outdated regulations from 1988 with modernised safety requirements that reflect the nature of contemporary furniture, reduce chemical flame retardants, and promote innovation.

The National Fire Chiefs Council supports these efforts, emphasising the importance of preventing and delaying ignition for improved fire safety

Both consultations encourage input from a wide range of stakeholders, including manufacturers, trade associations, consumers, and consumer representative organisations, emphasising the importance of collective involvement in shaping product safety regulations.

These consultations are open for a 12-week period, concluding on October 24, 2023. They represent a significant step toward creating a regulatory framework that is adaptable to the 21st century, supporting business growth while prioritising consumer safety and staying responsive to the evolving market landscape.

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View the Product Safety Review

View the fire safety of domestic upholstered furniture consultation


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