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MORR™: Key Developments

RoSPA began campaigning to promote the Management of Occupational Road Risk in the mid 1990s after calculating that using the road was the greatest risk that people faced in the course of their work, and that between a quarter and one third of road crashes involved someone who was at work at the time.

Since then we have worked closely with employers, employment bodies, unions, central and local government, health and safety organisations, the police and others to raise awareness about:

  • Raise awareness about the risks created and faced by staff when they use the road for work
  • Help employers' and employees' understand their duties to manage those risks, and how they can do so
  • Persuade government agencies to include the management of occupational road risk as a fundamental part of their road safety and health and safety strategies and polices.

Linking together two key areas of safety management (road and occupational safety) RoSPA has developed a wide range of approaches to persuade and help employers improve the safety of their road operations. We have produced several guidance resources and practical tools to help employers to assess their risk and take action to reduce it, as well as training courses for managers, and regular seminars for Local Authorities, commercial companies, voluntary organisations and the emergency services.

Today, MORR is taken very seriously by government and many (especially large) employers. The law governing MORR has been considerably clarified and strengthened.

But, there is much more to do, especially to help small and medium enterprises, and very small businesses manage their occupational road risk.


  • Managing Occupational Road Risk - A RoSPA discussion paper
  • RoSPA Focus Seminar - Esso Leatherhead


  • RoSPA Focus Seminar at Engineering Employers Federation Headquarters


  • NOP Solutions survey results published by RoSPA
  • Launch of new RoSPA guidance (30 broadcast interviews, support from Neil Kinnock (EU Transport Commissioner), Baroness Hayman, HSC Chairman etc)
  • High level policy review seminar: Bayer, Stoke Court
  • 'Stoke Court Declaration'
  • Regional surveys and report
  • Road shows (police, local authority safety officers)


  • RoSPA MORR course for fleet managers and health and safety advisors launched
  • RoSPA/Zurich one day conferences: March, May, September
  • Promoting the Management of Occupational Road Risk: A strategic appraisal, submitted to the DETR
  • Proposed set up of an Inter-agency group on MORR and National Learning Network
  • Publication of Supplementary Guides on 'Driver Competence' and 'Speed'
  • Input into development of Government's new Road Safety Strategy, "Tomorrow's Roads: Safer for Everyone"


  • Setting up of RoSPA Initial Status Review (ISR) Group
  • Establishment of Work Related Road Safety Task Group (WRRSTG)
  • Publication of Government's new Road Safety Strategy, "Tomorrow's Roads: Safer for Everyone"


  • Participation in WRRSTG
  • Publication of the Dykes Report


  • Establishment of the 'Occupational Road Safety Alliance' (ORSA)








  • Health & Safety Offences Act 2008 came into effect
  • Publication of free guide Managing Occupational Road Risk in SMEs
  • Publication of RoSPA research report, "Young Drivers at Work"
  • Establishment of Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA)
  • Launch of ScORSA website,
  • Participation in NIOSH global review of occupational road safety and first 'Global road safety for workers' conference
  • Publication of "Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020", including measures for 'people who drive for work'

2010 Onwards

  • Publication of free RoSPA education workshop for "Young Drivers at Work"
  • Launch of new online driver assessment tools
  • Provision of MORR training courses
  • Provision of MORR Review
  • Provision of wide range of driver and rider training courses
  • Provision of Secretariat of ORSA and ScORSA
  • Liaison with officials, key players, broadcast interviews etc.
  • Presentations to local groups, conferences, RoSPA congresses etc.
  • Publication of new GB Road Safety Strategy, with major MORR element

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