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Young drivers


Learning to drive is a key moment in the life of many young people and can be a time of anxiety for parents. Being able to drive allows greater independence to get around, especially in areas where public transport is limited.

However, the sad fact is that young drivers aged 17-24 make up just over 5 per cent of UK full driving licence holders yet are involved in over 20 per cent of fatal or serious collisions in which they are the driver.


Young drivers' hub

Information aimed to guide young drivers through the process of applying for their licence, learning to drive, and the first few months once they have passed their test

Young drivers at work workshop


Winner of the Prince Michael International Road Safety award

Young drivers at work face, and create, a higher risk than other drivers because they are inexperienced as drivers and because driving for work is higher risk than driving for other reasons.

The Young Drivers at Work Workshop, based on the findings of RoSPA’s ‘Young Drivers at Work Study, is designed to help young at-work drivers to understand the risks involved in driving for work, reflect on their own at-work driving experiences, and develop coping strategies.

The workshop aims to help the participants to:

  • Develop their knowledge about specific driving for work issues
  • Gain insight about what influences their driving
  • Understand how they can develop coping strategies for driving for work
  • Share experiences and learn from each other.

It also aims to help employers to understand the perspective of their young drivers and to review how well their driving for work policies are put into practice.

The workshop takes an ‘active learning’ approach which involves the participants interacting with each other, and with the facilitator, rather than a facilitator delivering the content of the workshop and the delegates passively receiving the information.


Workshop materials

Workshop guide

Outlining the structure, content and learning outcomes of the workshop, based on practical experiences from running Young Drivers at Work workshops

PowerPoint presentation

The workshop slides can be downloaded for use by the workshop facilitator, who should add relevant information from the employer as indicated in the Workshop Guide.

Activity handouts

These handouts are for use with several of the Workshop's Activities

Evaluation form

This form should be completed by delegates at the end of the workshop

Sample report

This can be used as a template to prepare a feedback report for the employer

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