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Trailer Training

Increase your driver awareness on and off the road and learn to tow and handle a large trailer safely.

What is the trailer training course?

Our one-day trailer training course provides your drivers with an in-depth introduction to the safe operation of trailers and the relevant legislation.

Why do drivers need trailer training?

The UK Government has now stopped car and trailer driving tests (B+E) and as a result the law has now changed, so drivers will automatically get this category on their driving licence.  
As the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 states, an organisation needs to ensure that their employees are competent and that they have provided staff with the right training to help them carry out their job safely and effectively. An ongoing programme of training and refresher training will usually be necessary for all drivers and other employees, to ensure their continued competence in a changing workplace.
Due to this law change and employers duties under health and safety legislation, it is imperative that you provide your drivers with the correct training in order for them to be able to carry out their job safely.  In return, you will help prevent accidents and reduce the associated costs to your business.

Why train with RoSPA?


We set the standards for road and vehicle safety


Courses are delivered by experienced and Level 4 qualified road safety professionals


Training tailored to the specific needs of the organisation


Can be delivered at any site around the UK

What does the trailer training course cover?

Our course will give delegates the knowledge and confidence to enable them to:

  • Understand and comply with safety and legal requirements, including the selection of correct personal protective equipment (PPE), safe practices, warning signs and guards
  • Identify and interpret information effectively from the user manual
  • Couple and uncouple a trailer
  • Be competent to carry out all pre and post-operation checks and maintenance
  • Prepare the trailer for work, including checking and adjusting load and nose weight
  • Understand secured and unsecured weight and its implications with regard to vehicle dynamics, safety and handling
  • Carry out safe on-road driving, reversing and manoeuvring.

How is the trailer handling course delivered?

We can visit your workplace and deliver the course at a time and place you suit you. This is an effective way of training several drivers at the same time, saving on time and travel costs. If you need to, you can use our equipment to deliver the training, so your organisational operations do not suffer and can continue as normal.
Get in contact today to find out more about this course and book it today.


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