Building Site Safety


2 Packs are now available for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Many children are injured, and several die each year as a result of accidents on building sites. This pack aims to raise awareness of the dangers of construction sites amongst teachers, pupils and the wider community.

Building Site Safety KS2Building Site Safety KS1

The packs provide teachers with a means of delivering safety education through the literacy hour. It gives children an understanding of the dangers of construction sites and provides them with strategies for avoiding them.

Other professionals working with children can also use the packs. This might include interactive safety projects such as Junior Citizen and Crucial Crew, police, local authorities, safety officers, and PSHE advisors and specialists.

The Key Stage 1 pack provides lesson plans to cover various areas of the curriculum including, PSHE, English, ICT, Art and Design, Maths, Science, Geography and Music. The learning objectives and National Curriculum links are clearly stated for each lesson. There are additional activities and a range of supporting resources for teachers and pupils.

SPLAAT Key Stage 1 pack (PDF 1.6mb)

The Key Stage 2 pack provides lesson plans to fit in with the literacy strategy and extend into ICT, PSHE and Citizenship. The plans are organised in units rather than single lessons and allow teachers to adapt them to the needs of their pupils.

SPLAAT Key Stage 2 pack (PDF 1.4mb)

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