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More than six million people visit A&E in the UK every year as a result of an accidental injury.

Accidents are the biggest threat to you and your family for most of your life, yet accidents don’t have to happen, and RoSPA is working hard to make life free from serious accidental injury.

You can help us prevent these accidents by completing our anonymous questionnaire. We’d like to know more about how you were injured by an everyday household item or product, such as an electrical appliance, cleaning chemicals, home furnishings, garden tools, fireworks etc. The survey includes 10 questions and will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

By gathering this data, we can start to identify trends and injury patterns, and develop solutions to prevent accidents before they happen. Using this evidence-based approach, the UK has developed some of the most enviable injury-prevention records in the world – particularly on the road and in workplaces, where accident rates saw sharp declines throughout the 20th century.

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RoSPA will only use personal data for the purposes of accident and injury prevention initiatives. For further information on how RoSPA processes data please refer to our Privacy Notice.

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Comprehensive information on some of the products that we know have caused injuries

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We offer a range of specialist home safety courses available throughout the year

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