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RoSPA Health & Safety Awards

Busting the Awards myths

There are many common misconceptions surrounding our awards scheme. Here we aim to address a few of the key myths.

Every entry wins
Every entry wins an award

Achieving excellence requires dedication and effort to reach the standards required. Get this right and you’ll be picking up an award!

Zero accidents
Organisations must have a zero accident rate to enter

Having a zero accident record is not required. We’re interested in how you manage incidents, learn and improve your safety performance.

Gala dinner
You have to win an award to attend the gala dinner

Anyone is welcome to attend! Bring your team and inspire them to enter in future.

Opens October
You can’t start your RoSPA Award preparation until the scheme opens in October

Not so! Higher performing organisations do their initial thinking, planning and evidence gathering in advance (with plenty of details of concrete next steps, regarding what specifically they should look to collate and how to tie into yearly objectives etc.)

Buy an award
You can 'buy' a RoSPA award

You can buy a registration, but from there - whoever you are, and whichever category you enter, any resulting award is reviewed by our independent judges and assessors against our mark scheme.


1st time gold
You can't win Gold first time around

It's not a requirement to progress through different grades to reach Gold level.  Clearly demonstrating a high-quality safety management system and answering the questions well could mean a Gold award in your first year of entry.


Big organisations
Only big organisations win the top awards

While larger organisations may often have more scope to innovate and try new things, the winner of our top award in 2022 had just over 200 employees - anything is possible!

Small companies
The awards aren't for small companies

Small companies (50 employees or less) need a suitable, effective safety management system just as much as big ones do.  Meaning you should still be able to answer the questions and the necessary evidence needed to win an award.

Companies only
The awards are just for companies

Whilst our main award categories recognise health and safety excellence for organisations and their safety management systems, the Inspiration awards also celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams.

Whole organisations
Only whole organisations can enter

Not the case. You can in fact enter on a site-by-site, divisional or country-level basis.  In fact, entering several different sites into the RoSPA awards is a great way of benchmarking their performance and creating positive internal competition to drive safety standards forward.

UK only
The Awards are UK-centric and not international

Whilst the majority of our entrants come from the UK, in 2022 we had entrants from 50 different countries, all of which are able to compete on an equal footing.

Lots of subs
I need to prepare lots of special documentation for the submission

The evidence required for your award is comprised of 'working' examples from your day-to-day policies, procedures and records.  If you have an efficient safety management system and good record keeping, you will be using documentation you have already created.


RoSPA Health and Safety Award Categories

Achievement Award

Achieve a health and safety achievement award for your organisation by showing your health and safety performance, policies and procedures

Sector Award

Show your organisation has the best health and safety management performance within your sector

Fleet Safety Award

Get the recognition your organisation deserves for the way you manage your fleet

Leisure Safety Award

Work in leisure safety? This award recognises the importance of good health and safety management within your organisation

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