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RoSPA Health & Safety Awards

How to enter the RoSPA Awards

Whether you're new to the RoSPA Awards or aiming to enhance past successes, this is a step by step guide to explain how you can enter the RoSPA Awards for your organisation.

Step 1 Which RoSPA Award category should I enter?

The first step to entering the RoSPA Awards is to choose your main entry category. The RoSPA Awards consists of four main categories, of which you only need to purchase one to enter. So what are they?

The Achievement Awards are non-competitive and are based on your organisation’s individual health and safety performance, policies and procedures. Your entry consists of answering a series of questions and providing supporting evidence to support your answers.

If you think your organisation has the highest standard of health and safety within your sector, the Sector Awards are for you, as they will show your organisation has the best health and safety management performance within your sector. These sector awards are competitive and in each sector there will normally be one overall winner, followed by a "highly commended" and "commended". If you’re not successful your entry will be awarded the Merit - Gold grade achieved in the initial review. 

Does your organisation have a fleet of vehicles? If so our Fleet Safety Awards, will show your stakeholders that your organisation recognises the importance of good fleet management and shows everybody how well you manage this function within your organisation.

If your organisation works within the leisure industry, then the Leisure Safety Awards are for you. Our Leisure Safety Awards recognise excellence among companies that primarily offer services direct to guests and visitors.

Entries that are submitted for the Fleet Safety Awards and the Lesiure Safety Awards before the first deadline will be judged as part of the competitive Sector Awards. If you’re not successful in achieving "winner", "highly commended" or "commended" in the fleet or leisure sector, your entry will be awarded the Merit - Gold grade achieved in the initial review. 

Once you have decided on your main entry category, add one of these categories to your basket and check out. Selecting additional FREE of charge categories take place after the purchase is completed.

Step 2 Choose your FREE of charge additional award categories

Once you have purchased your main RoSPA Award entry category, you will recieve an email with the option to select additonal award categories to enter FREE of charge.

Every main entry is entitled to add one or more of these specialist award categories, which include:

  • Fleet Safety Award: Recognise excellence in the management of fleet safety and occupational road risk
  • Fleet Safety Technology Award: Awarded to Fleet Award entrant demonstrating the best use of technology in fleet safety management
  • Leisure Safety Award: Awarded to the best overall Leisure Safety Award entrant
  • RoSPA Fall Prevention Trophy: This trophy is given out to the entrant who can best demonstrate an effective or innovative approach to reducing slips trips and falls within the workplace
  • Environmental Award: Recognises excellence in environmental as well as health and safety management
  • Health and Safety Beyond the Workplace Trophy: Recognises companies who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in promoting safety and protecting employees in their lives outside of the workplace, in the home and in local communities
  • Health at Work Award: Considers a range of occupational health and wellbeing themes, including the identification, assessment, monitoring and prevention of health risks, occupational hygiene and wellness at work, including mental health and wellbeing
  • Workforce Involvement in Safety and Health Award: Demonstrate the best consultation and involvement with its employees in developing and delivering its health and safety management
  • Scotland Trophy: The highest standard of health and safety management and performance by an organisation based in or operating in Scotland
  • Best New Entry Award: For the best entry from an organisation participating for the first time
  • Distinguished Service Award: To safety professionals or campaigners who have made a long-term, sustained contribution to improving health and safety
  • Health and Safety Team of the Year: The team that has great success stories of teamwork and tales of achievement against the odds, nurturing and development of employees and passion for keeping others safe
  • Health and Safety Initiative of the Year: Industry-leading and innovative solutions to health and safety management
  • Influencer Award: Awarded to those who have made the biggest impact to health and safety over the last 12 months
  • Pride Award: Honour the stand-out efforts and achievements of individuals whose efforts have had a huge, potentially life-saving impact.
  • Inspiring Women in Safety: To an individual who has made a significant inspirational impact in the world of health, safety and wellbeing. This may relate to activities within the workplace, or use of their expertise beyond the workplace.

Step 3 Sign into our RoSPA Awards system and complete your entry

Once you receive your login to the awards entry platform, you can begin collecting your evidence and drafting your responses to the question set. Remember to take your time, and get members of your team to review the answers. Here are some invaluable tips from our judges that will ensure you submit your best possible entry:

  • Stakeholder support: Make sure all key members of staff are involved within your submission
  • Business impact: Write about what you’re doing well; look for great examples of health and safety practice within your organisation
  • Passion: Find out your awards story and make sure it has a beginning, middle and an end; Health and Safety Awards is a reflection piece
  • Evidence: Gather together examples of health and safety best practice and save your documentation through the year - it makes the whole process a lot easier
  • Time management: Don't underestimate the time needed to ”sell yourself” – good award entries take 4-6 weeks, off and on, to complete. This includes clear descriptions of how your systems work, and evidence that shows them in action. Reflect on the last year as a team, get the entire team to contribute and get a few different people to look at it before you sign it off for submission.

Step 4 Submit it to our assessors


Step 5 Wait for the results - and if successful celebrate and shout about your success

If you win a RoSPA Award, here are 10 ways to promote your business after your success:

  • Issue your own personalised RoSPA press release
  • Announce the RoSPA Award on social media using the #RoSPAWinner
  • Announce the RoSPA Award internally
  • Add “award-winning” to all company descriptions
  • Add to company collateral
  • Add to your email signature
  • Add to your advertisements
  • Tell clients individually or in company newsletters
  • Add to your website
  • Enjoy the win and prepare for next year’s RoSPA Awards.


Award Categories

Achievement Award

Achieve a health and safety achievement award for your organisation by showing your health and safety performance, policies and procedures

Sector Award

Show your organisation has the best health and safety management performance within your sector

Fleet Safety Award

Get the recognition your organisation deserves for the way you manage your fleet

Leisure Safety Award

Work in leisure safety? This award recognises the importance of good health and safety management within your organisation

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