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Using driver training to assess risk

Client: Sytner Group
Service: Driver training


Background: Sytner Group is the UK’s largest car dealership. Worth £5billion, the company employs 10,000 people nationwide. 

Challenge: Sue Sansome, Head of Learning and Development at Sytner Group, said: “We hadn’t undertaken any formal training for our drivers for a number of years, because of the pandemic, so we decided to invest in a comprehensive programme that could identify people at different risk levels, depending on the type of driving they do and the amount of driving they do, and to offer a solution that didn’t involve us having to do classroom training.”

Results: Sue Sansome said: “We opted for RoSPA’s driver training package because of their reputation and charitable status, and because the online platform they offer is ideally suited to a large cohort.” 

Under a licence arrangement, RoSPA’s online driver solutions sit on Sytner Group’s own learning management system and can be completed by colleagues at a time that suits them. 

The RoSPA driver training for all Sytner Group staff began in February 2022 with the initial driver profiler. Since then, additional training has been rolled out by car marque division, of which there are seven.

“The take-up rate reveals that there is an appetite at Sytner to embrace a ‘proud to be safe while driving’ culture,” explains Sue Sansome. 
Of the 7,200 employees who have enrolled in the profiler so far, more than 90 per cent have completed the assessment. 

Any drivers assessed as having a moderate risk have enrolled in the e-learning Level 1 modules. A driver is judged to have passed the award successfully by completing six of the eight end-of-module quizzes with a score of 80 per cent or more. 

Those assessed as higher risk have been enrolled in Level 2 in-car training, with two-thirds already completing this enhanced safety training.

“Our colleagues understand the value of the investment the company are making to ensure they are well trained and, above all, safe,” Sue Sansome said. 

“Driving is a key part of automotive retail – whether that is driving customers or driving on site in our dealerships.

“We wanted to make sure our colleagues were trained and supported to be the best drivers they possibly could be.” 

At Sytner Group’s high-end vehicle retail sites - including Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley - colleagues have access to some very high-powered vehicles and undertake two-day advanced driver training with RoSPA. 

But low speed driving is also addressed in the training as Sytner Group were keen to reduce minor incidents at retail locations. 

“RoSPA was willing to adapt the training to accommodate Sytner Group’s unique needs – such as training for safe manoeuvring around our sites at low speeds.” says Sue Sansome. 

One Sytner delegate said: “I found RoSPA’s driver training programme really helpful. I didn’t expect it to be so interesting, but I found myself genuinely engaged with it and I know it has helped my approach to driving. 

“I took on board the need to create more space when I drive, meaning I am driving safely. Altogether, a very worthwhile experience that has made me feel safer at work, and safer on the way to work. 

“There were also some really interesting statistics embedded in the course that challenged my assumptions. I feel much better informed now and more aware of my driving.” 

Another said: “A very well thought-out training session and great knowledge from both of the trainers. A very enjoyable course.”

August 2023

Interested in driver training?

RoSPA offers a variety of training courses for occupational drivers to help mitigate risk on the road and improve driver skills. Whether their employees drive to work or drive for work, organisations are able to access a suite of online driving courses, including the industry leading RoSPA Level 1 Award in Driving Theory. RoSPA also offers practical Level 2 qualifications in real-world driving. All qualifications are designed to be utilised in conjunction with each other, and the starting point is the RoSPA Driver Profiler. Find out more at: 

“We wanted to make sure our colleagues were trained and supported to be the best drivers they possibly could be.  - Sue Sansome, Sytner Group


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