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Evaluation hub

RoSPA’s evaluation hub is designed to help anyone involved in delivering interventions that need to be evaluated.

No matter whether you work in a local authority; for one of the emergency services, for a charity or any other organisation: if you are putting time, money and effort into conveying safety messages to any audience – you will want to know whether what you are doing works.

The purpose

Our evaluation hub provides you with the information you will need to evaluate a safety intervention. The approach prompts you to think about the monitoring & evaluation tasks in turn, so that you can cover the processes needed to effectively evaluate your intervention.

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What is Evaluation?

At the heart of the hub is the 'E-valu-it' toolkit, which has now been adapted to help you evaluate any type of safety intervention. It asks you to complete a set of questions about your intervention, helping to guide you through the evaluation process. It also provides you with recommendations on doing your evaluation and produces a partly completed report template for you to complete you evaluation.

Getting Started

The hub will help you to understand the importance of evaluation. To help you along the way, we have split the evaluation process into logical steps. You can then use the E-valu-it toolkit to help you to evaluate your interventions effectively.

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Step 1: Decide
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Step 2: Define
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Step 3: Develop & Collect
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Step 4: Understand
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Step 5: Report & Support
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Step 6: Toolkit
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Step 7: Resources

Need help?

If you would like additional support using the website, toolkit or evaluation advice, you can contact us at [email protected] 

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