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About RoSPA

At the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), we have been working towards our vision for life, free from serious accidental injury, since 1916.

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Mobile Phones


We laid the path for the 2003 ban on
handheld mobile phones behind the wheel


We’re campaigning for all drivers
to keep their eyes off the screen
and on the road!

Blue Car Blue Phone


In 1981, we battled to introduce
the compulsory wearing of seat belts


We’re striving to put an end to
the senseless loss of young lives
on our roads!

Green Car Seatbelt
Drink Driving


In 1967 we led the campaign to
ban drink-driving


We’re fighting to drop the legal
limit even lower, saving millions
more lives along the way!

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Your stories Your stories

Your stories

Find out why accident prevention is vitally important, from those directly affected by life-changing injury.

Road Safety Road Safety

Road safety

With around five people dying on the UK’s roads every day, take a look at our advice, information and resources.

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