RoSPA 2021 Water Safety Conference

RoSPA Virtual Play Safety Conference 2022

Taking place virtually this year, the RoSPA Play Safety Conference 2022 aims to help play providers towards developing and maintaining quality play spaces that integrate with the natural environment. The value to the child of play spaces comes not just from the fixed equipment and furniture, but from their engagement with the environment. It is essential that such provision caters for the needs of children, whilst being as safe as necessary. 

Whether you are Head of Leisure for a major authority, a play area manager, or a volunteer at a local level this Conference will stimulate and improve your organisation’s approach to ensuring play value through natural play.

Who should attend?

The conference will be of interest to anyone involved with playgrounds and play safety, including:

  • Chief Leisure Officers
  • Playground Managers
  • Parks and Open Space Managers
  • Playground Area Constructors
  • Indoor Play Facility Operators
  • Landscape Architects
  • Planners
  • Holiday and Homes Parks Operators
  • Commercial Site Operators
  • Local Authority Members
  • Parish and Community Council Members
  • Environmental Health Officers


11:00 – Welcome and Introduction from Chair

Speaker biography coming soon.

11:05 – Update on Play Safety

11:20 - Play Value Awards

At each and every inspection we undertake throughout the UK we make an assessment of the play value offered to children.  During the course of our travels we find the sites which offer excellent play value.  The best of the best are showcased here, with the chance for conference delegates to choose their favourite. For each of the shortlisted sites you will be able to see what has inspired the designer and how they have managed to produce one of the best playgrounds in the country.

This year’s shortlisted sites are:
Free to use public playgrounds

  • Elephant Park, London

  • Kilkenny Lane Country Park Playground

  • Bury Knowle Park, Oxford

Pay to enter playgrounds

  • Various Play Spaces at Wellington County Park - View video here

  • Play spaces at BeWILDerwood Norfolk

  • Children’s Adventure Playground

Speaker biography coming soon.

12:00 – What Does Good Look Like? A Designer’s Point of View - Jennette Emery-Wallis, Land Use Consultants

Jennette Emery-Wallis, Director, is a chartered landscape architect with just under 30 years’ experience. She has produced award-winning work on numerous complex design projects, producing well considered and creative solutions. Jennette is a thoughtful designer with a strong design aesthetic and is able to work across many sectors including public realm, housing and mixed-use development.

Concerned about health and wellbeing, particularly in children, Jennette has led the way in designing active, playful spaces. Her work as the designer of the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial playground, Kensington Gardens (2000), is multi-award winning, and some 20 years later is recognised as being at the vanguard of the global natural play movement. Her work at Tumbling Bay, QEOP, for the LLDC has won numerous awards including Civic Trust; Selwyn Goldsmith universal access awards, and the NLAs Mayor’s Best Public Space (2013). She has recently completed a new destination playground at Gloucester Gate, within The Regent’s Park, for The Royal Parks which has been well received by park users and received a Landscape Institute design award (2021). She has worked with a number of UK Universities, sports scientists and pedagogues to assess the impact of active play spaces on sedentary children, through projects such as Camden Active Spaces, which culminated with a published article within British Medical Journal. In a recent review of UK playground’s a number of LUC schemes filled the top slots.

Speaker biography coming soon.

12:15 – What Does Good Look Like? A Purchaser’s Point of View - George Baptiste 

For all his working life, George Baptiste has worked for Reading Borough Council. Currently the Playground Officer and RPII Annual Outdoor Inspector, George’s main duties involve play inspections, maintenance, repairs, project management including procurement, consultations, play safety advisor for the Council’s Corporate Health & Safety Team, Insurance Department and Legal Services.


12:30 –The Cost of Poor Inspection: RoSPA’s Point of View - David Yearley, RoSPA Play Safety

David is Head of Play Safety for RoSPA.  In this role he manages a UK and Ireland wide team of playground safety inspectors, conducting tens of thousands of inspections each year.  He is a member of the British Standards Institution committee with responsibility for the development of British Standards for playground equipment, skate parks, multi-use games areas and other recreations facilities.  David is a Board member of the Register of Play Inspectors International, which is the professional membership organisation for playground inspectors.  For 14 years David was a Board member of the International Play Association: Promoting the Child’s Right to Play.  This UNESCO-recognised NGO has been fundamental in ensuring the child’s right to play is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and for its continued protection, promotion and preservation.

Speaker biography coming soon.

13:00 – Presentation of Play Safety Awards


13:10 – Conference Close


Thursday, March 17, 2022


11:00 GMT




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