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European Home Safety Congress

Event Synopsis

RoSPA, working with the European Child Home Safety Alliance, hosted the first European Child Home Safety Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon. European delegates attended the conference from as far afield as Portugal, Austria, Finland and Lithuania.

Conference Information

With a wealth of contributions from across the continent, the conference covered a wide range of child home safety topics. UK Children's Minister Baroness Delyth Morgan and Henry Watson, from the Department for Children, Schools and Families (now Department for Education), opened the event, pointing out in their presentation that the UK Government's vision is to make England the best place in the world to grow up.

On day one, Dr Judkins of the British Burn Association charted the successful campaign to get thermostatic mixing valves installed in new homes in the UK, followed by information on a variety of approaches being pursued across Europe, raising interesting questions for UK professionals. Day two offered more comprehensive content, with highlights including a progress report on the Child Safety Action Plan initiative from Morag Mackay from the European Child Safety Alliance, and Nicola Quade, from Safe Kids Germany, helping delegates to envisage hazards from a child's point of view.

Outside the main conference presentations, a set of afternoon workshops focused on key issues across Europe. These in-depth sessions saw success stories, such as using puppets to deliver home safety messages to children in Northern Ireland, and also moving presentations such as the shocking toll of child deaths in Lithuania due to an uneven approach to fire safety education.

Congress attendees

Conference Dinner

The chance for networking and learning was further seized upon by delegates during the congress dinner, as friendships developed and links were built. Following the three course conference dinner, delegates were treated to some local history by a historian impersonating Queen Elizabeth the first – in full regalia!

Workshop Sessions

The closing remarks of Joanna Vincenten, of EuroSafe, summarised perfectly the invigorating theme of the conference. "Children have the right to live in safety and good health," she said. "That is their absolute right, so keep up all your good work."

Attendee Feedback

"A fantastic and well organised event. Thank you."

"It is difficult to fault any aspect of the conference. Excellent organisation, content, and courteous staff."

Event Delivery Notes

The conference was a collaboration between RoSPA who managed event logistics, delivery and delegate bookings, and the European Child Home Safety Alliance, who aided in the development of the speaker programme. The format required working with many partners and stakeholders from across Europe.

RoSPA's events team also offer a highly professional event management service to external organisations whose aims fall in line with RoSPA's own mission: To save lives and reduce injuries.

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