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10 Reasons organisations join RoSPA membership

There are many reasons to join RoSPA membership, but here are the top 10 reasons members tell us they joined, so you can see why it’s well worth considering…


1. Create safer workplaces

Our members are passionate about safety and are eager to gain the support, advice and information RoSPA provides in order to make their workplaces safer places to be. Our regular journal packed with useful insights and updates, webinars on key health and safety topics and direct access to Croner-i’s Navigate Safety Lite online resource are great ways to save you time, keep you up-to-date and grow your knowledge.

2. Have their say

We strive to empower members by giving them a voice on the policy decisions which impact their sectors. We have structures in place to ensure that members can feed into policy groups and consultations. By sharing views and telling us about the issues, they have the chance to influence how we talk to those in charge. By becoming a member, you can be active in these efforts or be kept updated of what is being done on your behalf.

3. Get the lowdown on opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t know about

Privileged access to RoSPA events and conferences. Members get discounted entry or special access to upcoming conferences, trade shows and events. We host regular webinars for members only, tailored to the issues our members want to hear more about. We also offer ‘member-first’ access to new RoSPA products, services and news, helping you maintain a competitive and informational edge.

4. Give their reputation a lift

When you’re a member of an association like RoSPA, you’ll want to communicate it to peers, prospects, and customers alike. Include your membership logo on your company website. Doing this, you’re declaring that you take your business seriously enough to spend time outside of office hours to learn more about the industry and participate in improving best practices.

5. Expand their network with like-minded professionals

Who you know is sometimes as important as what you know. Developing professional relationships with others in your industry is a great way to share ideas and learn best practices. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of joining RoSPA is that it provides you with an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in your field on a local and sometimes even a global level.

6. Broaden their knowledge

RoSPA membership directly leads to discounted training programmes which can help you develop your career. Accredited courses such as NEBOSH and IOSH are available via classroom, virtual and e-learning options, which may improve your job prospects and keep your skills sharp and current.

7. Potential cost savings

Getting discounted rates on RoSPA products and services, training courses, award entries and gala dinner tickets are just some of the ways our members save money. In addition members can get a 50% discount on Croner-i’s Navigate Safety platform with instant access to hundreds of model policies, forms, checklists, and risk assessments.

8. Opportunities to give back to the community

Our members have access to a wide range of resources, including those which aim to promote safety outside the workplace. Our Falls Campaign, for example, gives members the opportunity to deliver FREE Fall Fighter Awareness Sessions in their workplace to raise employee awareness and provide them with the knowledge and skills to help prevent falls from happening both at work, at home and in their own communities.

9. Support whenever they need it

All RoSPA members have access to free advice and information when required. With their MyRoSPA portal they can access the latest RoSPA news and access Croner-i Navigate Safety Lite - a trusted source of quality business information and guidance for our members in an easy-to-use online portal.

10. Stay inspired and stay motivated

Our members are passionate about safety. They are proactive in wanting to learn more and discover new things, as it helps them stay inspired and motivated. Join RoSPA and discover something new TODAY!

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