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Manual Handling Qualifications

Manual handling qualifications from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) are quality assured, easy to sell and rewarding for both you and your customers. And with a health and safety legacy over 100 years old, you can be sure that when you partner with RoSPA, you are partnering with a safe pair of hands.

During 2022/23, handling, lifting or carrying made up 17 per cent of all non-fatal injuries in the workplace[1]. Furthermore, HSE statistics reveal that annually, more than a million workers in Great Britain experience injuries or illnesses stemming from their work.

The effects can be assessed in both human costs, impacting on an individual's quality of life and, in cases of fatal injuries, the loss of life, as well as financial costs, with reduced productivity and escalating healthcare expenses[2].

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[2] Statistics - Costs to Britain of workplace injuries and new cases of work-related ill health (



When you partner with RoSPA, you can:

  • Deliver respected, Ofqual-recognised courses, developed with industry experts

  • Ensure you’re delivering commercially viable programmes

  • Work with the latest qualification content using motivational, evidence-based research

  • Ensure all qualification material adheres to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992)

  • Access marketing resources to promote your qualifications

  • Receive advice and ongoing support for your business


Who are RoSPA's manual handling qualifications for?

We are a trusted choice for organisations that want to deliver RoSPA’s Ofqual approved manual handling qualifications.

Delegates and organisations often include:

 ✓  Health and safety professionals

 ✓  All site operators

 ✓  Workplace trainers

 ✓  Occupational health practitioners

 ✓  Training centres

 ✓  Public service bodies

 ✓  Transport operations

 ✓  Manufacturing and engineering employees

 ✓  Construction organisations

 ✓  Any organisation looking to improve employee wellbeing

Whether you are a training centre, public services body, a transport operation or any other industry sector organisation, choosing to deliver RoSPA’s manual handling qualifications means choosing excellence, innovation, and commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Why RoSPA's manual handling qualifications?


Ofqual recognition:
Our manual handling qualifications, regulated by Ofqual, are recognised and revered around the world.


Our qualifications are continually reviewed to ensure they are always up to date and meet the needs of the sectors who use them.


In demand: 
Thousands of people take RoSPA’s qualifications every year – from in-house trainers to large training organisations.


Delegates can enjoy a set syllabus that can be accessed in a way that works for them – with both in-person and flexible
learning options.


It's in our DNA: 
RoSPA has been a beacon of health and safety for over a century, campaigning for legislative change that protects people from harm.

What's next?

Make the smart choice for safer people handling qualifications – choose RoSPA. Join us in shaping a safer, healthier future for our workforce.

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