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Inflatables are popular products which come in all shapes and sizes like Unicorns or flamingos and are often used in swimming pools. They are becoming increasingly popular on social media and have a high appeal.

What is the issue?

Many inflatables are being used at beaches in the UK. Unfortunately, these inflatables are not well suited to the coast and can cause a serious risk to your safety. This is because:

  • Strong currents can rapidly sweep inflatables and people out to sea
  • Strong winds can also blow out the inflatable to sea in less than minutes
  • There have been cases of people panicking and abandoning the inflatable which leads to the sudden immersion of them into cold water
  • The shock of cold water can make it difficult to swim

What can you do?

  • Leave inflatables at home
  • If you need to use an inflatable – use it at the swimming pool
  • Always consider the risks of water to yourself and others
  • If heading to the beach, visit a lifeguarded beach
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Inflatables campaign report

Download the full report here

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