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UK Drowning Prevention Strategy

Drowning Prevention Strategy

A future without drowning

Tragically, on average, around 400 people drown around the UK every year and a further 200 take their own lives in our waters. Many of these deaths are preventable and we believe more can be done to reduce this loss of life.

In 2016 there was a significant step forward for water safety in the UK, with the first National Drowning Prevention Strategy being published, and we were proud to be one of the key authors. Produced by the National Water Safety Forum, which we host, the strategy aims to cut water-related deaths by 50 per cent by 2026.

The strategy, during it's first three years, will address the following targets:

  • Every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim and receive water safety education at primary school and where required at Key Stage 3
  • Every community with water risks should have a community level risk assessment and water safety plan
  • To better understand water-related self-harm
  • Increase awareness of everyday risks in, on and around water
  • All recreational activity organisations should have a clear strategic risk assessment and plans that address key risks.

"Too many people only truly understand the dangers in and around water after the loss of a loved one. We need to change this and be educated about it before tragedy strikes - not after. The only way we will ever achieve this is by taking drowning prevention and water safety seriously and working together to ensure water-related fatalities are drastically reduced. I am so pleased that we now have a strategy to work to."

Beckie Ramsay, mum of Dylan who drowned in 2011, aged 13

How you can help

We are asking you to go further than simply reading the strategy. By supporting the principles of the strategy and pledging your commitment to the goals we will be more effective than ever in reducing drowning fatalities. By targeting groups and activities, we will raise awareness of the risks and ultimately make every community safer.

For more information on the strategy and and how to pledge your support visit

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