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With World Cup in full swing: think before you drink, says RoSPA 


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is calling for revellers to exercise caution during the duration of the World Cup. With many heading to pubs, parties and live events, the charity is concerned that some may be tempted to drive home after enjoying a few drinks whilst viewing a football game. 


With many authorities, such as West Mercia Police and Staffordshire Police, issuing warnings to remind road users of the hazards, RoSPA echoes this warning, noting that drunk drivers take with their life and the lives of others if they use a vehicle whilst inebriated.  


Although the level of drinking and driving has dropped dramatically over the last three decades, around 200 people are still killed in drink drive accidents every year, and incidents tend to rise during the festive season and sporting events, such as the World Cup. 


In July 2018, where a portion of the World Cup largely took place, there were 830 drink-drive casualties, which was the highest month of that year. Additionally, December saw drink-drive 790 casualties, which was also concerning - the second highest month alongside August. As such, the World Cup being held in December is something that has alarmed RoSPA. 


Rebecca Guy, Road Safety Manager for England, said: "A major highlight of most sporting fan's calendars is the World Cup, and we understand many people in the UK will be excited to get together with friends and family to cheer on their home nation. That said, driving home from an event after drinking is wholly irresponsible. Therefore, always consider the method in which you will be returning home when you've been drinking, such as a designated driver or a taxi: #MatesforLife


"With that in mind, it's also prudent to mention that during this time of year driving can also be more challenging. Dark, and wet nights can make any journey more difficult – pedestrian and cyclists are particularly vulnerable at this time of year. Therefore, if journeying at night, always be extra cautious of those around you."


Waterways are also an issue of concern for RoSPA, especially during winter due to the effect cold water has on the body. As such, RoSPA also advise that those drinking be extra careful if journeying home near a body of water. 


Carlene McAvoy, Leisure Safety Manager for RoSPA said“During sporting events, and of course when socialising during the festive season, it’s not uncommon to enjoy a game with a drink. However, with many bars located near waterways, such as canals, we ask the public to take extra care when making their way home after a night out. 


“Falling into cold water can be fatal, so we encourage individuals to be #BeaMate and help friends get home after a night out, and always take extra care when considering drinking near waterways over this month and winter in general. If you are out and about this winter and see someone in trouble or struggling in the water, please remember to #RespectTheWater and do the following:


Call 999 and ask for the emergency services, tell the person to float on their back, and throw them something that floats. ” 

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