RoSPA and Neuron Mobility launch ScootSafe campaign


RoSPA and Neuron Mobility teamed up this week to launch a ScootSafe campaign, promoting safe riding following the launch of e-scooter rental trials in Newcastle and Sunderland.
Attendees at a Covid-secure event in Sunderland yesterday, which took place in line with the easing of lockdown restrictions, had the opportunity to participate in a short safety briefing, developed by RoSPA. Neuron’s Safety Ambassadors were present to reinforce the riding rules and safety guidelines, as well as being on hand to help riders taking their first trips.
As the campaign continues, the Neuron ambassadors will be on the streets of Newcastle and Sunderland, covering all parts of the trial areas in the two cities, especially focusing on key hubs where journeys are most commonly started and ended.
Nathan Davies, RoSPA’s executive head of policy and portfolio, who attended the Sunderland event, said: “We are delighted to launch the ‘ScootSafe’ campaign in partnership with Neuron so we can educate new riders on the safest way to ride.
“As riders across Newcastle and Sunderland begin to take their first rides, it is important that they are educated on the rules of the road, including how to ride safely and responsibly. All Neuron e-scooters come with an app-controlled helmet and we urge riders to use these at all times. Furthermore, riding dangerously, or while under the influence of alcohol is illegal and it is the responsibility of every rider to adhere to these rules.”
Riders taking part in the rental trial, which is being operated by Neuron, should ensure that they ride on the roads and cycle tracks, rather than on the pavement, and they should always park responsibly and safely at the end of their ride. In the rare cases where riders are found to be riding dangerously or breaking the rules, riders can be banned from the Neuron service completely and they also face police prosecution and points on their licence.
George Symes, expansion manager at Neuron Mobility, said: “Neuron’s e-scooters are already providing a safe socially-distanced and environmentally friendly transport option for those making essential journeys in Newcastle and Sunderland. As new riders begin to take their first rides, it is important that they are aware of the safety rules.
“We have a very low rate of e-scooter incidents across the cities we operate in, but we want to take this opportunity to inform new riders of the rules and our safety guidelines.”
Neuron and RoSPA are reinforcing the following safety messages as part of the ScootSafe campaign:
  • Riders must be 18 years old and above and must have a provisional or full driving licence
  • No riding on pavements; Neuron’s e-scooters can be ridden on the road and in cycle lanes
  • Helmets should be worn at all times
  • Be aware and remove earphones
  • One rider per e-scooter
  • Keep a safe distance from pedestrians
  • Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles particularly when turning
  • Park responsibly and don't cause an obstruction.
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