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RoSPA urges motorcyclists to complete advanced riding courses to help improve safety on roads


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is advising motorcyclists to sign up for advanced rider training in a bid to improve safety on roads, which they hope may contribute to lowering the level of motorcyclist fatalities that have seen a creeping rise in recent years.

The latest road casualty statistics, published by the Department for Transport show that the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents rose by over 8 per cent between 2016 and 2020, and that bikers are overrepresented in terms of casualty numbers when considered in relation to the amount of miles ridden. Put in perspective: for every billion passenger miles travelled, two car occupants are killed, in comparison to 106 motorcyclists.

In an effort to counter this, RoSPA has launched a Motorcycle Advice and Training webpage, which includes a look into the most common causes of crashes, as well as advice on how to avoid these incidents. Frequent causes of accidents involving motorcycles include a failure to negotiate bends effectively – especially on country roads; collisions at junctions or when overtaking other vehicles; and a rider losing control of their motorcycle.

RoSPA is also encouraging motorcyclists to further improve their knowledge and understanding by taking part in an advanced training course in order to reduce deaths and injuries on the road.

Explaining the importance of advanced training, Road Safety Manager, England, Rebecca Needham said: “As thrilling as it may be to ride a motorcycle, like all vehicles, riding a motorcycle does come with some level of risk.

“It’s important that all motorcycle riders, especially novices, attain the right level of training that will allow them to be road safe and confident.”

Those interested in developing their motorcycling abilities can find more information on RoSPA’s Advice and Training webpage, which also highlights the importance of advanced driving courses as well as how a rider can find a course in their area, including a Level 2 award.


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