#OSHtober – raising awareness of workplace accidents


Safety charity RoSPA has launched a new campaign to highlight the devastating impacts that workplace accidents and ill health can have – #OSHtober.

The inaugural #OSHtober has been raising awareness of falls from height, which affect thousands of workers and their employees every year.

In 2013/14, falls from height were the most common cause of work-related fatalities, with nearly three in ten (29 per cent) fatal injuries to workers – a total of 39 deaths. They also caused 3,317 major or specified injuries and 3,165 injuries where an employee was unable to work for seven days.

Dr Karen McDonnell, RoSPA’s occupational safety and health policy adviser, said: “Despite huge strides in workplace health and safety in Britain, falls from height are still a major problem, so it is an ideal issue to tackle as part of RoSPA’s first #OSHtober.

“Employers and employees alike can get involved by taking a look at the real life stories, information and tips we have be sharing throughout the month, and by sharing their own experiences and best practice with us.”

The campaign provides tips, facts and statistics about falls from height, as well as a free e-book, blog posts, web page and infographics, and the #OSHtober hashtag helping to spread the word.

Jason Anker, MBE is also supporting the campaign, sharing his story and highlighting the devastating impacts that workplace accidents and ill health can have.

Jason was 24 when he fell off a ladder in an avoidable accident that has left him paralysed from the waist down, and now uses an honest and sometimes graphic account of his experience to inform others about the importance of workplace health and safety.

On Tuesday, October 25, 12-1pm he will be taking over @RoSPAWorkplace on Twitter to answer questions about working at height and workplace health and safety best practice.

Jason said: "If you think the job is unsafe, it usually is. Take five seconds, follow your gut instinct and act. It could make all the difference."

For more information on #OSHtober keep checking www.rospa.com, our Workplace Safety blog, and @RoSPAWorkplace on Twitter.

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