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With thousands of schools closed across the United Kingdom, RoSPA has some top tips for children heading out into the snow with their sledges.

RoSPA’s advice is:

  • Take time to consider your choice of sledging location – somewhere with deep snow and no obstructions such as trees, fences or rocks is the best
  • Avoid sledging near roads, pavements or water (whether it is frozen or not)
  • Make sure you have plenty of room at the end of the run to slow down and stop
  • Walk up the slope first – it will help you spot hazards, realise how steep the slope really is, and check whether there is enough stopping distance at the bottom
  • Try not to travel head first
  • Consider other people who are using the slope
  • Only go sledging in the daylight
  • Wrap up warm, wear gloves and remember that skateboard, cycle and ski helmets and skateboard pads double up well for sledging
  • If you’re making your own sledge, think about the “what-ifs” if you were to crash – are there sharp edges which you could cut yourself on etc.?

A RoSPA spokesman said: “Schools are closed across the country and going sledging is a fantastic way for children to get out and about to experience the wintry weather. We’re just reminding them of some simple tips which should help them have fun while also staying safe.”

Yesterday, RoSPA advised people not to walk out on to the ice of deep frozen waterways, to prevent the type of drowning deaths seen during previous cold spells.

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