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The call for a national accident prevention strategy

Join us today, for a safer tomorrow

Over the last 20 years, accidental deaths in the UK have climbed. Accident prevention has fallen down the political agenda, and we now lag behind other countries. It has cost thousands of lives – and many of these accidents could have been avoided with a cohesive prevention strategy in place. 

The worrying part?

While UK business continues to be globally leading on safety at work, public safety in this country has either stalled or gone backwards. There is no national accident prevention strategy in the UK, and we’re watching other countries take our lead.

There is no single point of government oversight and responsibility for accidents, despite them wreaking devastation across families, businesses and communities and costing the UK economy and the NHS billions every year.

Put simply, accidental deaths are not a priority. We want to make them one.

We need your help 

This will be RoSPA’s biggest campaign in decades, and we need your help. From now until our Autumn launch, we will be working on the production of a groundbreaking statistical analysis and campaign with political stakeholders, the media, the public, charities, and UK businesses.

In never seen before data, we are going to lay bare the sheer scale of accidents, and the impact they have on society. We are going to spell out what the next government needs to do to save lives, strengthen our communities and boost our economy. We are going to show exactly why we need one governmental leader to oversee accident prevention in the UK. We need your help to do it.

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