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What will your safety legacy be?

Exemplary safety leadership can be a legacy-building opportunity. If your ambition is to drive sustained and meaningful safety improvements in your industry, while showcasing your organisation as exemplars and thought leaders, then creating a partnership with us will give you the chance to realise your own safety legacy.

What benefits does a legacy-building partnership bring to your organisation?

There are many advantages to creating a charitable partnership with us. Working together on shared strategic objectives means your partnerships will give you powerful opportunities to:


"With the challenges organisations face nationally and globally, it can be difficult to achieve lasting change alone. Forming a partnership means that we elevate ourselves together and can go on to achieve incredible results."

Andrea Sims, Partnerships Manager, RoSPA

  • Reaffirm your position as exemplars and thought leaders in safety

  • Set the gold standard for safety in your sector and provide blueprints for the future

  • Set yourselves above your competitors

  • Align your organisation with the RoSPA brand

  • Strengthen your links with the community

  • Educate, influence and build awareness of your activities

  • Generate significant promotional coverage

  • Contribute to a cycle of continuous improvement.

How we help organisations achieve their legacy goals

Developing a long-term legacy project with safety at its heart can be a challenge on your own. When you partner with us, we will combine your exemplary safety leadership and ambition to drive change forward with our reputation, influence and expertise, to create a powerful programme of activity to generate lasting change.

“RoSPA is clearly committed to reaching our common goals, and has the project management skills, reach and influence required to do so. This continued drive means that milestones are met on time, and within budget. In addition, communication is excellent. RoSPA's work is ensuring that we not only remain at the forefront of wellbeing, but also, ensuring that we set the standard that our competitors must now try to reach. RoSPA's passion for their vision means that our work together is elevated from being transactional, to being transformational for society at large.”

Barry Oliver
Group Executive for Health, Safety & Build Quality Assurance - Berkeley Holdings Ltd

Some of our key areas of expertise, which will ensure your partnership success, include:

  • Expert safety knowledge

  • Influence within government and national committees

  • Our reach through our members, award winners, influencers and contacts

  • PR, marketing and communications support

  • Promotional opportunities

  • Project management.

Some of the recent partnership activity we've delivered:

Increasingly we are collaborating on complex and long-term projects which speak to the core values of both parties and seek to make a genuine lasting change. Our partners operate across a wide range of industry sectors - construction, utilities, insurance, personal care to name but a few,  but all have an affiliation with RoSPA and our safety values and are keen to demonstrate safety excellence through ambitious thought leadership and sector influence.

Why our partnerships deliver sustainable outcomes

For sustainable outcomes, partnerships need to work as well as they possibly can –  partners should  choose each other carefully, be honest about their motivations for setting up that partnership, and use their expertise to best effect.

Our partnerships are long lasting and successful because we ensure they contain the following key elements:

  1. Common objectives - There have to be clear expectations and transparency

  2. Alignment of values - The right fit between partners and what each brings to the table in terms of expertise

  3. Open communication - Learning from challenges along the way and approaching them positively

  4. Planning – Clarity of goals, mutually-accepted metrics and timescales

  5. Ongoing evaluation  -  To ensure both parties are meeting the goals

In addition, we consider planning for a project’s legacy right at the start. It is vitally important to ensure that the boards and CEOs of partner organisations are committed to the partnership to ensure it’s an ongoing success.

Examples of successful strategic partnerships

We can demonstrate clear examples of success. One example is the partnership between RoSPA and Severn Trent,  which has resulted in a 61 per cent reduction in all high level slips, trips & falls incidents since 2018/19 and helped Severn Trent move close to their Goal Zero mission that “no-one gets hurt or made unwell by what we do”.

In addition, Berkeley Group has been working with us for a number of years to develop a framework to reduce accidents in new build homes during the design process, a large part of which concerns the construction of stairs and floors, and other mechanisms, to prevent falls, alongside addressing other risks in the modern home. And as part of their working at height initiative, they also adopted the RoSPA Fall Fighter scheme.

Ready to start building your safety legacy?

Partnering with the right organisation can be mutually beneficial and help you achieve even greater success. Specifically, a strategic partnership with RoSPA will help you demonstrate your safety excellence through ambitious projects which will showcase your thought leadership and create lasting influence within your sector.

Reasons our partners chose RoSPA

Berkeley Group

How using our expertise helped Berkeley developed a framework to reduce accidents in new build homes

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Severn Trent

Why choosing RoSPA to help achieve Severn Trent’s Goal Zero mission was a key motivator for this partnership

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Each of our brand partnerships can be tailored to your specific objectives and requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we can develop a proposal to help you increase your brand awareness.



Andrea Sims

Partnerships Manager
  Email   T: +44 (0)7798795354