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I work with people in later life

It may not be in your job title, but if you have a professional or voluntary role working with older people, and are in a position to give advice on how they can reduce their risk of falls, then you are a falls prevention practitioner.

With more than a third of people over the age of 65 having a fall which requires hospital treatment every year, your role in protecting families and loved ones is more important than ever.

Take a look at this video for our top tips on the key factors that increase a person’s risk of falling in later life and the simple actions you can talk to them about to reduce the risks.

Making simple changes to the home environment can prevent accidents, but regular light activity and movement throughout the day, coupled with some specific exercises that help to improve strength and balance can also be helpful in preventing falls. There is lots of information on these topics in the I’m in later life area of this hub. Do take a look at the resources available there – they could provide great conversation starters with your clients.

We’re delighted to be working with Later Life Training, who are recognised as evidence-based leaders in the field of health and exercise, on the strength and balance elements of this project. LLT has provided some demo videos and top 10 exercises for strength and balance., Bex Townley who leads the demos and Prof Dawn Skelton from Glasgow Caledonian University participated in a series of virtual roadshows that ran from November 30 – December 4. Since March 2020, Later Life Training has also been running three daily “movement snacks” – live and interactive sessions – on Facebook as Make Movement Your Mission.

RoSPA previously hosted the Stand Up, Stay Up national falls prevention programme, and is still active in falls networks at a national level. If you would like further information to help support you in your role, please email us and we’ll be pleased to assist.

Fresh data insights for practitioners
Fresh data insights for practitioners

RoSPA and RSA have investigated the impact of accidents affecting the most vulnerable.

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