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Kitchen Safety for Parents

Kitchen safety for new parents

Welcome to the Kitchen Safety Project, an initiative brought to you by RoSPA and Fairy Non Bio. If you’re a new or expectant parent, we’re here to help you create a safe and secure kitchen environment for your little ones.


Why kitchen safety matters

The kitchen, often called the heart of the home, is also a hotspot for potential hazards, particularly for young children. From sharp objects to hot surfaces, various risks can pose a threat. We want to improve kitchen safety awareness among expectant parents and parents of infants, ensuring a secure environment for all families.


Top 5 things parents think about kitchen safety

We did some research with YouGov which gave us some great insights into the attitudes and behaviour of new and expectant parents on kitchen safety. The main things parents told us about kitchen safety were:

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It's not always a conscious priority, especially during pregnancy


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Many have experienced child-related kitchen accidents, with falls being
most common
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Potential kitchen risks can be overlooked unless prompted by others
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Securing hazards is often delayed until a child becomes more mobile
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There's limited awareness of
dedicated advice channels



Discover kitchen safety through your child's eyes!

Step into our virtual kitchen and see the world from your child's perspective.

Our interactive simulation takes you on a journey through a typical kitchen, highlighting all the potential hazards lurking within reach of little ones. From sharp objects to hot surfaces, we'll show you exactly what your child sees and help you identify areas for improvement in your own kitchen.

Don't wait until an accident happens – arm yourself with knowledge and take proactive steps to safeguard your family. Explore our virtual kitchen and make your home a safer place for your little explorers.


Get involved

Join us in promoting kitchen safety awareness. Share the virtual kitchen or safety video with your friends and family.
Together, we can create a safer environment for families.

Kitchen Safety Awareness
Read the full research findings

Download our comprehensive summary of the research findings. The report delves into the common kitchen hazards, accidents, and their impact on families.

Kitchen safety tips for parents

Watch our informative video on kitchen safety tailored specifically for parents-to-be and new parents.

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