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Coping with accidents

play safety thumbnailEven on the best managed playgrounds accidents to users will happen and managers should have a written procedure for dealing with them and the consequences. (Staff accidents have different procedures).

In case there is an accident


  • Do staff members know what to do?
  • Is there a written procedure for staff to follow?
  • Have all new staff members read it?
  • Is it kept up to date and available?
  • Do they know the location of emergency services?
  • Is there an accessible telephone?
  • Have staff had appropriate first aid training?
  • Is there a first aid box?
  • Is there a stocklist for the first aid box?
  • Do the contents match the stocklist?
  • Who is responsible for checking?
  • Does equipment need to be immobilised or made safe?


  • Do the public know where to go?
  • Are there clear legible signs around the site?
  • Is there an accessible telephone?

Immediately after the accident

Parents expect injuries to their children to be taken seriously and that quick, efficient treatment should be available. They expect serious investigation and, if necessary, remedial action to be taken to ensure a similar accident cannot occur again. If staff members are on site, ensure that the child is attended to, proper treatment is given and appropriate measures taken to avoid a recurrence.

  • Has the accident been notified to the Health and Safety Executive or local Environmental Health Officer in the event of an accident reportable under RIDDOR?
  • Has your insurance company been informed?

Accident report forms

In some circumstances, there may be litigation as a result of an accident and it is helpful to have a clear record made at the time of what took place.

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