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Indoor annual inspections

A picture of a child in an indoor play area.


BS8409 and the Health and Safety Executive recommend that indoor play areas should have at least one independent annual inspection each year.

RoSPA annual inspections are designed to:

  1. improve the play value of playgrounds, wheeled sports areas and multi use games areas.
  2. reduce accidents

Reducing accidents is carried out by:

  1. knowledge of children's play and child development
  2. analysis of available accident data
  3. risk assessment
  4. use of relevant standards (BS8409 and EN 1176)
  5. implementation of these standards were applicable and can be related to accident data.

Reports will indicate:

  1. compliance with standards and notification of major failures where these are related to accidents and an assessment of risk given
  2. notification of faults and suggested remedial action
  3. an indication of the risk

The annual inspection differs from regular inspections in that it:

  1. identifies long-term failures and work required
  2. changes in standard compliances
  3. identifies areas where accidents are being noted which are not standards related
  4. provides a quality control check for operators.

RoSPA annual inspections look at:

  1. site design safety
  2. ancillary item safety
  3. equipment safety
  4. surfacing safety.

In all cases the condition is assessed and any repair or refurbishment requirements noted. Suggestions are also made, where relevant, to improving the quality of the site.


Inspections are non-dismantling. Where dismantling work is required, this will be recommended. Standard compliance is assessed where such appraisals may be made on site without dismantling or destruction. Minor infringements not associated with accidents are not notified unless requested.

A written report with work recommended will be supplied. Areas of hazard requiring immediate attention will be notified to an appropriate officer within two hours of the inspection. A sample report is available.

RoSPA inspections are acceptable for insurance purposes.

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