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Post-installation inspections

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A RoSPA post-installation inspection helps to ensure that the playground meets modern standards and has been correctly installed. Underground work and some other aspects requiring dismantling or destructive testing are not assessed.


A full, written report, including photographs, will be provided. The report will also cover the quality of the installation and equipment finish. RoSPA archive their reports for 21 years.

Site inspection on completion

  1. Check orientation
  2. Check Minimum Space requirements
  3. Check traffic flows
  4. Check general design safety
  5. Assess general finish and work standards
  6. Give recommendations on inspection and maintenance

Ancillary items

Check all ancillary items for:

  • condition
  • installation
  • suitability (e.g. Standard compliance where relevant)
  • safety


Check for:

  • compliance with agreed Standard (EN1176)
  • correct installation
  • any missing, damaged or inappropriate parts
  • general safety


Check for:

  • Correct areas
  • Correct depth for the fall height involved
  • Correct installation

Risk Rating

Provide a risk rating for risks to users and give recommendations for any additional action and special maintenance requirements.

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* RoSPA’s activities in the area of play safety are carried out under an exclusive licence arrangement by an independent and highly experienced specialist company, “Playsafety Ltd” which trades under such licence as “RoSPA Play Safety”.