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Playing field risk assessments

The owners/operators of playing fields have a duty of care to the users.

These may be members of organised sports clubs or casual users such as children using the area for a "kick about".

There is an increasing reliance on litigation by those who have suffered injury or damage as a result of formal or casual sports or recreational activities

Despite this, little has been done to assist those responsible for the general management of playing fields in determining the risks which may exist.

RoSPA as the leading safety organisation in Europe is offering to provide a Risk Assessment of Playing Fields.

It is anticipated that these would, after initial assessment, be required every five years, unless major changes have taken place within this period.

The risk assessment

The Risk Assessment will be based on a comprehensive visual inspection of all outdoor facilities and will include:

  • Access, Pedestrian and Vehicular
  • Site Boundaries, Fences and Hedges
  • Sports Facilities, Natural Grass and Hard/Synthetic
  • Grounds keeping, Maintenance and Security of equipment etc
  • Ancillaries Footpaths, seating and litter

A detailed report will be provided with recommendations for any action which may be necessary.

Scale of fees

For more details, for an indication of fees, or to order a Playing Field Risk Assessment, contact us.

Contact Us

Playsafety Ltd *
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Unit 78, Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TY
* RoSPA’s activities in the area of play safety are carried out under an exclusive licence arrangement by an independent and highly experienced specialist company, “Playsafety Ltd” which trades under such licence as “RoSPA Play Safety”.