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Research and Policies

We have created several research and policy documents that focus wholly or partially on safe walking and cycling. Many of these have a driver focus but are still relevant as they contain walking and cycling elements. We have created a number of documents to provide information, reviews and advice about staying safe on the roads, which you are welcome to download and use to support more walking and cycling.


Policy documents

The following documents set out RoSPA’s key policy stances on active travel and road safety:

Pedestrian Safety Policy Paper thumbnail
Pedestrian Policy paper


Policy Paper: Cycling thumbnail
Cycling Policy paper



Research documents

The following documents are research pieces conducted or commissioned by RoSPA around key areas of work linked to active travel and road safety. Please click on the relevant tile to download:

Pedestrian safety in areas of deprivation
Pedestrian Safety in Areas
of Deprivation

This report provides a comprehensive overview of pedestrian life in the UK, highlighting inequalities in health outcomes for pedestrians living in
areas of deprivation

Making road safety count thumbnail
Making Road Safety Count

A document that highlights the importance of local authorities delivering cost effective road safety strategies


Joint strategic needs assessment thumbnail
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (progress since 2014)

A report summarising the progress made since 2014 in integrating road safety and public health programmes through Joint Strategic Needs Assessments


Preparing a road safety submission thumbnail
Preparing a Road Safety Submission

This guide gives detailed advice to local authorities regarding how to prepare a Road Safety Submission for a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Reducing unintentional injuries thumbnail
Reducing Unintentional Injuries on the Road

A five-year study by RoSPA and the Child Accident Prevention Trust that analysed trends of injuries and deaths of young people on the road 

Cycle smart brum thumbnail
Cycle Smart Brum

A report about the Cycle Smart Brum project, which aimed to identify cycling conditions across Birmingham and provide a wider understanding of unreported collisions.


Factsheets and guides for walking, safety and cycling

The following are a set of road safety, walking and cycling factsheets and guides that RoSPA has created over the last few years, which aim to support an increase in safer walking and cycling across the UK. They are split into three groups: general road safety; walking and road safety; and cycling and road safety. Please click on the relevant tile to download the document:


General Road Safety guides

A guide for councillors in England
Road Safety: A guide for councillors in England

This guide provides information to councillors in England, including who is responsible for different aspects of road safety

A guide for councilors ins Scotland thumbnail
Road Safety: A guide for councillors in Scotland

This document is based on "Road Safety: A Guide for Local Councillors in England" but has been tailored to a Scottish perspective

Road safety and public health thumbnail
Road Safety and Public Health

The 2014 Road Safety and Public Health guide, which assesses how road safety and public health activities integrate by looking at case studies

Road Safety and public health update thumbnail
Road Safety and Public Health update

A March 2019 update to the existing Road Safety and Public Health guide, covering key changes in road safety policy in recent years


Walking and road safety guides or factsheets

Pedestrian protection thumbnail
Pedestrian protection

This factsheet outlines active safety technologies measures for cars to reduce collisions and accidents with pedestrians

Children in and around cars thumbnail
Children in and around cars

This factsheet provides information on the dangers for children around cars, including pulling in and out of driveways

Community complaint speed guide thumbnail
Community complaint speed guide

A guide for community groups to tackle speed in their local area, including what to ask for and who to approach to help reduce speeding and accidents


Cycling and road safety factsheets and guides 

Do higher cycling rates mean more fatalities
Do higher cycling numbers mean higher fatalities

Information on how more people cycling could reduce the cycling fatality rate

Cycling accident rates thumbnail
Cycling Accident Rates

The latest statistics on reported cycling accidents in Great Britain

Cycling and lorries thumbnail
Road Safety Factsheet: Cyclists and Lorries

This factsheet sets out cyclists and larger vehicle accident rates, as well as providing tips for staying safe 

Street lighting and road safety thumbnail
Street Lighting 

This review provides an overview of research surrounding the effectiveness of street lighting

Rural road safety thumbnail
Rural Road Safety

This factsheet provides information on the dangers of rural roads for pedestrians and cyclists, including accident data

Sharing the road together thumbnail
Sharing the road together

A guide on how drivers and cyclists can share the road together which gives tips so each road user can be considerate
and safe

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