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Older drivers

As we get older, health and fitness begins to deteriorate, and age related conditions can eventually mean that there is a point when we must give up driving.

However, this point is different for each individual person; there isn't an age at which all drivers become unable to drive safely. Our advice aims to help you drive safely for longer, and to prepare for retiring from driving if that becomes necessary.

Our Older Drivers website will help you to:

  • Recognise whether and how your driving is changing
  • Decide what you can do to cope with these changes and find help, such as medical advice, driving assessments and training and vehicle adaptations
  • Find a driving assessment or refresher training for your needs
  • Understand your legal obligations, such as DVLA rules and procedures
  • Plan for the need to change when and where you drive, and if it becomes necessary, to retire from driving.

Our policy paper also provides information on the main factors that can increase crash risk with age, as well as ways to help older drivers sustain a good level of safe mobility.

Safer for Longer
Safer for Longer

Resources to assist pharmacists in providing guidance to mature drivers

Older drivers policy paper
Older drivers policy paper

Providing information on the main factors that can increase crash risk with age

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