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Why should I take further motorcycle training?

Once you have passed your Module 2 test you can ride on the road, as this shows that you have achieved the minimum standard for safe riding.

After this, your future training is up to you, so we want you to think about the advantages of continuing your training journey.

The vast majority of riders believe all motorcyclists should be encouraged to take further training, and becoming a better rider and increasing enjoyment were identified as the main reasons for it.

"I want to do the advanced stuff because I want to advance my own capabilities, and enhance my own understanding and riding ability. I want to do it because I think it’s something I can learn from."

What training is available?

In Scotland the main training available is via:

Each of these is available in different locations across the country.

There are also a variety of private commercial operators that offer different options.

How do I choose the right motorcycle training option?

To help you decide which option best meets your needs, asking yourself the following questions will help you make the right choice:

Q. Do you want a quick assessment with some advice on how you can improve your riding?

With the ERS you’ll have a rider assessment with an expert trainer, riding in different road and traffic conditions. The ride will be long enough for the trainer to make an assessment of your skills, this normally takes about one to two hours. If the assessment shows that you don’t need more training you’ll get a DVSA certificate of competence straight away. Otherwise, you’ll get personalised training to improve your skills and get the certificate at the end of your training. Many commercial training schools offer this across Scotland.

This course is the most basic and is ideal for those who have just passed their test, or those returning back to biking.

Q. Are you looking for a more in-depth training course, which is spread over a few days or months?

Joining a local RoSPA or IAM group will give you access to advanced tuition over a time period that suits you, to get you ready for an assessment at the end of your training.
RoSPA also offers a commercial four-day advanced motorcycle training course, which instructs riders in the theory and practice of safe systems of deliberate, responsible and exemplary riding.

Q. Do you want to take a test at the end of the training?

There is no test with the ERS, while both RoSPA and the IAM assess a rider’s performance at the end of the training. This normally lasts about 90 minutes on both urban and rural roads. With a RoSPA test you will be graded bronze, silver or gold. To maintain this qualification you must take a re-test every three years.

Q. What do you want from an instructor?

All ERS trainers are DVSA ERS qualified. IAM RoadSmart uses experienced trainers who are members of a group and have IAM pass as a minimum. All RoSPA examiners are serving or ex-police, having either RoSPA Diploma or Class 1.

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