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Learning to drive

Learner drivers who gain lots of experience in a wide variety of different situations and conditions, before taking their practical test, generally perform better on the test and go on to be safer drivers. The following information explains: What manoeuvres are included in the test, who can take a learner driver out and why private practice is important, what you need to do to stay legal and advice on how to deliver practical coaching to support the Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI).

Did you know?

New drivers can be poor at identifying hazards and assessing risk, which means that they take longer to react to hazardous situations than more experienced drivers.

  • What will I learn?

    This section explains some of the manoeuvres included in the test.

  • Is it worth taking private driving lessons?

    Learner drivers who gain lots of driving experience through private practice driving which supports the work of the ADI have fewer crashes once they have passed their test.

  • Staying legal

    There are certain legal requirements which must be fulfilled before an experienced driver can provide private practice, this section explains who can take a learner driver out and insurance requirements.

  • Private driving practice

    Taking a learner driver out for the first time can be quiet daunting. This section provides coaching advice before, during and after the drive.

  • The driving test

    There are two sections to the driving test – the theory test and the practical test. The theory test must be passed before taking the practical test. This section explains about what each involves.

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