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Water & Leisure Safety Consultancy

RoSPA's expertise in water and leisure safety not only covers leisure pursuits in or near water, but accident prevention around canals, rivers, the sea, or lakes. Since 1983, RoSPA has compiled national drowning statistics for the UK, providing a unique insight into the provision of safety measures at open water sites.

An especially important area of our work concerns safety at the increasing number of public and private sites, including shopping centres and works complexes with decorative water features. Holiday companies are obvious major purchasers of written publications, posters and consultancy services, to help ensure the safety of their UK and overseas hotels and holiday sites.

Water Safety Audits

RoSPA consultants will conduct site specific safety audits of all indoor and outdoor water locations, and many leisure and recreational sites. Following the site audit, a detailed report will be made, including a general water safety rationale, aspects of risk assessment, risk controls and operating procedures, and further site specific recommendations.

Site safety audits of water features can be undertaken for:

  • Urban, rural and dockland areas
  • Swimming pools and leisure centres
  • Marinas and water sports centres
  • Beaches
  • Ornamental water features
  • Hotel leisure facilities both in the UK and abroad

RoSPA experts will also provide guidance for projects still at the development phase.

Accident Investigation and Expert Witness Reports

Accident investigations are undertaken for private individuals and solicitors, relating to a wide range of water and leisure activities. Following a site inspection (where appropriate) a comprehensive expert witness report will be compiled, containing:

  • Relevant research material
  • Applied safety principles
  • Safe operating procedures/guidelines
  • Appropriate reference documents
  • Expert opinion

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