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ISO 45001

RoSPA's Occupational Health and Safety Policy Adviser, Karen McDonnell, and Head of Consultancy Nathan Davies were part of the BSI committee responsible for developing the new standard. Together with Principal Consultant Bernard Cerrino, they have many years' experience helping organisations successfully implement safety management systems.

As a result, we have a superb range of support services available - from helping you get up to speed with the new standard, right through to assisting you achieve full compliance.


What is ISO 45001?

A new, voluntary standard developed by ISO (Independent Organization for Standardization), that provides organisations around the world with requirements for a management system and framework to proactively improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions.

"After participating in the activities of BSI Committee HS/1 - Occupational Health & Safety Management, I am looking forward to working with organisations globally to implement ISO 45001. The benefits will bring improved employee safety, a reduction in workplace risks and better and safer working conditions, because accidents and cases of occupational ill-health don't need to happen."

Karen McDonnell, OSH Policy Adviser, Head of RoSPA Scotland

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.

It helps organisations improve their OSH performance by:

  • developing and implementing OSH policies and objectives
  • establishing systematic processes
  • determining hazards and eliminating or controlling them
  • establishing operational controls
  • evaluating performance
  • ensuring workers take an active role

Any organisation regardless of size, type or sector, as the requirements are intended to be integrated into an organisation's own management processes.

Organisations without certification to an OSH management systems standard, but thinking about getting ISO 45001 certification, can start preparing now. We can help by conducting an audit against the new ISO 45001 requirements. This will identify where and how an organisation's processes need to be created, modified or improved to achieve the standard.

Alternatively, organisations can choose to adopt the standard and follow the guidance without seeking certification if they so choose. Again, we can support you with this process.

  • ISO 45001 Seminar - will help you understand the requirements and benefits of the standard and what your next steps should be
  • Interim support – review your current system, conduct a high level gap analysis
  • In-depth support – detailed evaluation and full compliance
  • Transitioning – help move your current system to ISO 45001.

If you'd like to find out more about our ISO 45001 services, general safety management support or talk through your current systems/compliance, please contact us.

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