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Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Report

We offer pragmatic solutions to ensure your SuDS are safe and have been designed responsibly

What is a SuDS Report?

Our SuDS Report will help you ensure your SuDs are safe and designed responsibly. The review is carried out by one of our specialised and experienced water and leisure safety consultants. When our safety consultant reviews your SuDS, it’s categorised into logical segments. Each of these segments is then evaluated using the unique RoSPA risk rating tool.

Our RoSPA risk rating tool isn’t your standard risk assessment template. It has been developed by specialised water and safety experts to establish and monitor the risk of drowning in the UK.

The recommendations from your SuDS report are made against any considered unacceptably high levels of risk. The analysis of the risk review can help large providers of SuDS; benchmark your designs and risk profile with others (to see if they are broadly in line with industry practice); ensure you are not over protecting sites (spending too much money); or ensure you are not under protecting sites and exposing people to higher risk.

Once you have implemented the SuDS report recommendations, the risk of someone drowning or being injured is likely to be at an acceptably low level, in relation to other water sites across the country. It will clearly communicate to stakeholders that safety has been specifically considered before planning, construction, handover and adoption takes place.

Why carry out a SuDS Report?

Anywhere that water and people can interact poses a risk. Sometimes these risks are very small, but every year in the UK, around 400 people die from drowning as a result of an accident in or around water. This is double the number of people that die in work-related accidents each year. Our health and safety consultants help clients, designers, contractors, and local authorities prevent accidents and avoid drowning in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Benefits of SuDS Reports

  • Unique and specialised risk rating tool to help reduce the risk of drownings
  • Benchmark against other sites to align yourself with industry practice
  • Use the SuDS report to support planning permission
  • SuDS report conducted by a highly-experienced water and leisure safety consultant
  • Fixed price, great quality and fast delivery

Find out more about how we can help you today!

To get your SuDS reviewed, get in touch by completing the short form to provide us with information about your SuDS.

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