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Driver Assessments

Driver Assessments

This comprehensive Driver Assessments course is designed to enhance driving skills, reinforce safety measures and identify areas for development. This 60-minute session, conducted by our expert driving trainers, covers various road types, providing participants with valuable insights and a constructive feedback discussion.



What does the Driver Assessments course cover?

The Driver Assessments course encompasses a thorough examination of driving skills and behaviours. The session includes:

Delivery Methods:



60 minutes including a feedback and development discussion.


Driving assessment: Participants undergo a comprehensive on-road assessment, allowing our expert trainers to evaluate their driving proficiency across diverse road types


Feedback and development discussion: Following the driving assessment a feedback and development discussion takes place. This session is crucial for participants to understand their strengths, areas for improvement and ways to enhance their driving skills


Agreement of development points: During the feedback discussion any identified development points are discussed and agreement is reached on ways forward. This collaborative approach ensures participants actively engage in their skill enhancement.

Upon successfully finishing this course you will be able to:

A better understanding of development needs:

Participants will engage in a comprehensive self-reflection process to identify strengths and areas for improvement in their driving skills and behaviours. The course provides tailored feedback, ensuring a clear understanding of specific development points and offering constructive suggestions for improvement.

Up-to-date knowledge and Highway Code changes:

Participants will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge of information and changes in the Highway Code, staying informed about the latest regulations and legal requirements. Armed with the latest information, participants can effectively mitigate risks associated with legal non-compliance, contributing to safer driving habits.

Refreshed driving skills and behaviours:

The course goes beyond theory, allowing participants to actively apply and refresh their driving skills across various road types during the assessment session. Refreshed driving skills translate into the cultivation of safer habits, reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents on the road.


Benefits of the course:


For employers

  • Reduced driver risk: Investing in driver assessments contributes to minimising the risk associated with employee driving, fostering a safer work environment
  • Duty of care towards drivers: Demonstrates a commitment to the wellbeing of employees by ensuring their safety on the road
  • Potential reduction in accidents or incidents: By addressing and rectifying potential issues through assessments, employers can potentially reduce driving-related accidents or incidents involving their workforce
  • Potential fuel and vehicle wear savings: Improved driving skills can lead to reduced fuel consumption and less wear and tear on company vehicles.


For delegates

  • Understanding of development areas: Gain insights into individual development needs, fostering a proactive approach to skill enhancement
  • Reduced driving-related stress: Improved driving skills and awareness contribute to a more relaxed and stress-free driving experience
  • Reinforcement of driving safety: The course reinforces the importance of driving safety, ensuring participants are well-versed in responsible driving practices
  • Potential fuel and vehicle wear savings: Enhanced driving skills not only contribute to personal safety but also result in potential savings on fuel and reduced vehicle wear and tear.



For employers

  • Avoid accidental injury: By ensuring that your employees operate safely and healthily you can significantly reduce the risk of accidental injuries. A workforce that understands and follows safety protocols is an asset to any organisation
  • Fewer hours lost to sickness and accidents: Implementing the knowledge and skills acquired in this course can lead to a reduction in sickness-related absenteeism and the number of accidents in the workplace
  • Enhanced business reputation: Businesses that prioritise the safety and wellbeing of their employees are viewed favorably by customers, clients and partners. This course equips your employees to contribute to your company's strong reputation in this regard
  • Flexible delivery methods: The course can be delivered through various methods, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your organisation's needs. Whether its classroom learning or an online course, you have the flexibility to decide what works best for your employees.

For delegates

  • The ability to define hazards and risks: This course empowers you to confidently define workplace hazards and assess associated risks. This is a critical skill that not only enhances your safety but also contributes to a safer work environment for all
  • Improves safety awareness culture: By completing the IOSH Working Safely course you contribute to building a culture of safety awareness within your workplace. You will appreciate the importance of safety measures and be better equipped to follow and advocate for them
  • Internationally recognised qualification: You will gain an internationally recognised qualification, which can open doors to opportunities in various industries, highlighting your commitment to safety.

This course is tailored to meet your needs if:


  Work-related driving: This course is specifically designed to address the unique challenges and responsibilities associated with work-related driving. Tailored content focuses on skills and behaviours relevant to driving in a professional capacity

Individuals seeking skill enhancement: The course provides a targeted approach to improving proficiency on the road. Participants can expect personalised feedback to address specific areas for improvement

Informal check for driving standards: If you prefer an informal evaluation of your driving standards, without the pressure of a formal test, this course offers a relaxed yet insightful assessment. The emphasis is on collaborative feedback, allowing you to understand your strengths and areas for development in a supportive environment.


Why choose the Driver Assessments course?

 The Driver Assessments course stands out for several reasons:


Expert trainers:
With a focus on individualised attention our trainers provide personalised guidance, acknowledging the unique strengths and areas for improvement of each participant


Comprehensive on-road assessment:
The session spans diverse road types, exposing participants to a comprehensive range of driving scenarios. This ensures a holistic evaluation, preparing drivers for real-world challenges


Collaborative feedback:
Participants are actively involved in the feedback and development discussion. This collaborative approach ensures that individuals actively contribute to the identification and resolution of development points


Tailored to your needs:
Whether you are a professional driver or seeking to enhance your personal driving skills, our course is designed to cater to diverse needs. The versatility of the content allows participants to derive maximum benefit, regardless of their driving purposes.


Ready to enhance your driving skills, receive personalised feedback and contribute to a safer road environment? Enquire now about our Driver Assessments course at RoSPA Academy.


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