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Operational Playground Inspection Course Two-Day

This two-day course is aimed at those who are responsible for the operational (the one to three monthly) inspections and those in a supervisory or maintenance role. A RoSPA Certificate of Training will be given to all participants who complete the course.

Those completing the course will be eligible to take the Register of Play Inspectors International exam for Operational Inspections. This will take place on the second day (extra charges apply).


Day 1 Day 2
Start 9.30 Start 9.00
Coffee 11.00 Site Visit
Lunch 12.30 Lunch 12.30
End 4.30 End 5.00
Please note that these times are approximate and may be subject to change.


Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days. Accommodation is not provided.

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.


  • Child development
  • The Importance of Play
  • Accidents, their type, frequency and severity
  • Legal, the appropriate Acts of Parliament and how they may affect the operator and directly the inspector.
  • EN1176 Part 7 and other relevant sections of EN1176, including how managers can operate effective systems.
  • Documentation, reporting and importance of record keeping including how to ensure an effective system of reporting.
  • Incorporating information from routine and annual inspections
  • A logical and systematic approach to inspecting including risk assessment
  • Inspection of approaches to playground including signs, traffic, road barriers etc.
  • Inspection of the immediate playground surroundings, vegetation, fences, gates etc.
  • Inspection of the active playground area within the fenced surround, seats, litter bins, vegetation, lighting, other furniture and non play items
  • Inspection of specific play equipment or play features including surfacing, including in-depth examination of equipment
  • Common faults on popular items
  • Checking of maintenance and other playground actions taken
  • Practical site inspection

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Courses on Clients’ Premises

The provision of a room is required with suitable blackout to enable a PowerPoint presentation to be shown. Access to a playground is required for the practical element of this course (and for the exam if taken) and it is the client's responsibility to provide the necessary transportation to and from the sites. Get in touch for information and prices.

Please Note:

Attendees must be in good health and physically able to climb and thoroughly inspect equipment onsite. Due to the practical aspects of this course and possible inclement weather, please wear appropriate clothing.

*RoSPA Play Safety Clients: Those who have RoSPA play area inspections
Those who have had RoSPA Play Safety training in the last 3 years

All prices are subject to VAT.

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