Virtual classroom safety training

All the benefits of classroom learning delivered at your convenience

In this time of uncertainty and fear, organisations’ health and safety requirements need to change and adapt. With a large number of organisations having their employees working from home the need for health and safety information, advice and training has never been greater. That’s why RoSPA has developed a suite of health and safety training that’s delivered via virtual classroom.

What is a virtual classroom?

Quite often learners want the structured support that a tutor provides but don’t have the time to attend an open course. Our virtual classroom courses are a flexible, online learning alternative that allows for live interaction between a tutor and learners as they participate in learning activities wherever they are in the world. In other words, the virtual classroom is a shared online space where learners and their tutor work together simultaneously.

What are the advantages of a virtual classroom?

Courses are taught by a tutor as they would be in a classroom environment. In fact, our virtual classroom tutors are the same tutors who facilitate our face-to-face training. Among the many benefits of an online education, a virtual classroom gives learners greater freedom to engage with the material creatively and for the course content to adapt and respond based on their inputs.

Undertaking a virtual classroom course is also a good way to advance your education whilst in employment, as the learning sessions are often shorter than traditional classroom-based training, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.

It’s also important to note that although the delivery might be different, the content is exactly the same as the classroom versions. Not only that, tutors are always on hand throughout the course to help and advise you.

How long are virtual classroom courses?

All our virtual classroom courses vary in length but are typically between 1 - 3.5 hours long.

Why choose RoSPA?


Delivered live by experienced and qualified trainers


Bespoke and relevant content designed around your needs


All the benefits of a structured classroom environment


Unique, interactive and engaging training tools

How are the virtual classrooms delivered?

Courses are delivered using a webinar style platform with breakout sessions allowing the learner to undertake supported self-learning through practical exercises.

Our courses are designed and structured around a wealth of interactive learning materials which the tutor can switch between throughout the course, including; slides, animation, video and audio tools.

RoSPA will endeavour to make the learning experience bespoke to each delegates’ needs and reflect on all questions raised to make the course subject matter as relevant to the delegates’ organisation as possible.

Which virtual classroom course should I take?

Risk assessment training

Our risk assessment course focuses on the risks that really matter and will provide you with all the skills you need to comply with the law

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

This COSHH safety virtual classroom course will equip employees from all sectors with an understanding of how substances can harm health

Director’s duties

As a director, safety falls within your remit, and the law will therefore hold you accountable for any failings. Gain a clear understanding of the way ahead in virtual classroom course

Mental health and wellbeing

We offer a suite of mental health and wellbeing virtual classroom courses from designing, delivering and evaluating your wellbeing strategy to raising awareness within your workforce


A course designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to recognise hazards associated with homeworking

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