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Award Entry - Achievement Award

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At the point of purchase you will need to provide the following information:

Entry name – this must start with the name of the organisation, followed by the name of the site/project/division/region/contract, (if the entry is not for the whole organisation). Care should be taken to ensure the information you type is correct and contains no errors.

This awards category is not available for individuals, schemes, or products.

Number of employees – total number covered by the specific entry.

Award reference – is the unique six-digit reference given to each previously applied for entry. This reference can be found on all previous correspondence relating to that entry. It is not transferrable, so should not be used for different site/project/division/region/contractor or new entries. New entrants for the 2024 year will not have an awards reference until after purchase is complete.

Payment – card or invoice. For the latter, a company purchase order number must be provided.
After the purchase is complete you will receive an order confirmation, automated invoice (sent direct to the email address provided), and a link for you to select your additional ‘free to enter’ categories, (you will have 48 hours to respond).
Completing your entry - the link to the 2024 RoSPA Awards online entry platform, with new access username and password will be issued within 14 working days.  In the meantime, you should download the ⁠
category guide, and follow the guidance provided to start compiling your responses and supporting evidence.
All enquires should be directed to
[email protected]


Around 2.3 million women and men around the world lose their lives to work-related accidents or diseases every year, which equates to over 6,000 deaths every single day.

Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. These statistics are truly shocking but by entering our Safety and Health Achievement Awards you can show your stakeholders that your organisation recognises the importance of good health and safety practice.

The Achievement Awards are non-competitive and are based on your organisation's individual health and safety performance, policies and procedures.

Any organisation around the world can enter our Achievement Awards. It’s really easy to apply, all you have to do is complete the following tasks:


Answer 10 key performance questions


Provide your accident, ill health and enforcement data


Supply evidence to support your entry such as policies, risk assessments, training etc.

You can also get FREE advice and guidance on your entry

If you’re new to the RoSPA Awards, or you are looking for advice on your submission, why not request a free health and safety awards mentor? We have a large network of experienced mentors from all countries and sectors who can help you on your RoSPA Awards journey.

By having a RoSPA Awards mentor, you will:

  • Be exposed to new ideas and powerful ways of presenting your submission
  • Gain advice on how to strengthen your entry
  • Have the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.

Once you have purchased your award entry, all you have to do is email our awards support team, quoting your order number and we will be in contact.

What questions will you need to answer to win an Achievement Award?

Below is a link to some of the main the RoSPA Achievement Awards entry questions. Each question requires you to reflect on and describe a different aspect of your health and safety management system and demonstrate it.

If you can answer these questions about your organisation’s health and safety approach, and provide plenty of real-world evidence examples to demonstrate your systems in action, then you’re on the journey to winning a RoSPA Award. Throughout the process we run a number of FREE webinars for new and existing award entrants, so if you need assistance, why not ask our judges or previous winners how they tackled or would approach certain questions?

Take a look at some sample questions

How is your RoSPA Achievement Award judged?

Once you have submitted your Achievement Awards entry, it is judged by our experienced team of independent health and safety professionals, including specialist consultants and experienced senior practitioners.

Where required, RoSPA adjudicators will reference Health and Safety Executive databases (and their international equivalents) and other sources to verify information on prosecutions and enforcement notices. Entrants may also receive a follow-up telephone call or a verification visit at any stage, either before or after the closing date.

What is the Achievement Award judging criteria?

In deciding the Achievement Award level merited to your organisation, we primarily consider the following areas:

  • Your account of the day-to-day health and safety management systems and policies you have developed, and the evidence you provided to demonstrate them being effectively used in practice
  • This is broken down in to a range of disciplines and themes such as senior leadership involvement, training and competency, workforce involvement and consultation, and accident investigation and remediation
  • Accident and ill health, both for your own staff and contractors
  • Your enforcement record.
  • The reference period for all 2024 entry content is the 2023 calendar year

It is this key information and evidence about the development and delivery of your management systems that make up the bulk of your submission.

Looking to improve your entry?

Feedback is automatically added to your entry, so you can continually review your submission and see what you’re doing well and what can be improved.

What’s included?

  • A report from our judging panel that focuses on the quality of your award entry
  • Advice on topics/areas that weren’t as relevant, or need improvement
  • Feedback on each individual question, including observations and information that could be included to improve your entry next time.