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Eco-Driving Course

Are you interested in reducing your fuel consumption while also contributing to a greener environment? Look no further than our comprehensive Eco-driving course. Designed for both individual drivers and organisations operating fleets of vehicles, this online course provides invaluable insights and techniques to drive more efficiently and economically.

What does the Eco-Driving Course cover?

Delivery Methods:



30 minutes


Importance of Eco-driving: Understand the significance of eco-driving in reducing fuel consumption and its positive impact on the environment.


Strategies for fuel savingsLearn effective strategies to achieve substantial savings on fuel costs, benefiting both individuals and organisations. Discover methods to reduce wear and tear on vehicles, leading to potential long-term cost savings.


Safe and efficient driving techniques: Acquire techniques for driving safely and efficiently, promoting road safety and minimising the risk of accidents. Learn how to manage space and time effectively, increasing safety margins and improving overall driving performance.


Fuel consumption reduction methods: Explore methods for reducing fuel consumption through smooth utilisation of vehicle controls, optimising fuel economy. Gain insights into practical approaches to minimise fuel usage without compromising on driving comfort or performance.


Upon successfully finishing this course you will be able to:

Drive in an Eco-safe manner:

Apply eco-driving principles to minimise fuel consumption and decrease their environmental impact. Adopt driving habits that promote sustainability and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.


Implement fuel-saving techniques:

Utilise a variety of techniques to achieve significant savings on fuel costs, benefiting both personal and organisational budgets. Implement strategies to extend the lifespan of vehicles, reducing maintenance and replacement expenses.

Drive safely and efficiently:

Demonstrate safe driving practices that reduce the risk of accidents and contribute to improved road safety. Develop skills to drive efficiently, optimising fuel usage while maintaining compliance with traffic laws and regulations.

Utilise vehicle controls effectively:

Master the smooth utilisation of vehicle controls to enhance fuel economy and overall driving performance. Understand how to adjust driving behaviour to maximise efficiency without sacrificing comfort or functionality.


Benefits of the course:


For employers

  • Fulfil your duty of care: Ensure compliance with duty of care responsibilities by providing comprehensive training in safe and efficient driving practices for employees.
  • Reduce accidents and costs: Decrease the likelihood of accidents through enhanced driver skills and awareness, leading to a safer work environment and lower associated costs such as insurance premiums and vehicle repairs.
  • Promote environmental sustainability: Contribute to environmental sustainability efforts by reducing carbon emissions through the promotion of fuel-efficient driving practices among employees.

For delegates

  • Safer and more efficient driving: Develop into a safer driver with improved skills and knowledge, making roads safer for yourself and others.
  • Extended vehicle lifespan: Learn techniques to minimise wear and tear on vehicles, potentially leading to cost savings through reduced maintenance and repair expenses.
  • Reduce carbon footprint: Make a positive impact on the environment by adopting fuel-efficient driving practices, reducing personal carbon footprint and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.




Why choose the Eco-Driving Course?


Expertly curated content:
Benefit from meticulously designed course content aimed at improving driving skills and fostering eco-friendly driving practices


Flexible online delivery:
Enjoy the convenience of an online learning platform that allows you to study at your own pace and schedule, fitting seamlessly into your busy lifestyle


Immediate applicability:
Gain access to practical strategies and techniques that can be readily applied to everyday driving situations, ensuring immediate benefits and improvements in driving habits


Ongoing support and resources:
Receive continuous support and access to additional resources that reinforce learning and facilitate ongoing skill development, ensuring sustained progress and improvement over time

Ready to drive smarter, safer, and greener? Enrol on our Eco-driving course today and start making a positive impact on the environment while saving on fuel costs. Take the first step towards becoming a more efficient driver now!

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