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Safer by design – Joining fee

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Welcome to the growing club of elite designers, working hard to go beyond current building regulations, to ensure that the next generation of new-build homes are safer by design.

*Pricing relates to each dwelling type*

In order to join the programme – and receive the recognition you deserve – you need to do the following:


Pay your joining fee


Complete the scoring matrix


Send it to us

Step 1 - Pay

Buy your joining fee above to be able to proceed. Once you have purchased, we will send you the scoring matrix for you to complete.

Step 2 - Complete

In order to join the scheme – and receive the recognition you deserve – you need to complete the scoring matrix, by selecting the design recommendations you have adopted for each dwelling type within the development.

Scoring Matrix Preview
Preview document

Please note this is a read-only version of the Scoring Matrix. The full version will be sent to you once you have purchased the joining fee.

Step 3 - Send

Once you’ve completed the scoring matrix, you need to then send this to [email protected].

We’ll then assess your entry and assign a grade (Silver, Gold or Platinum), based on the information received. You’ll then be issued with a certificate, logo(s) and guidelines for use.

Terms and conditions:

  • RoSPA cannot process applications until the completed scoring matrix has been received
  • Upon receipt of the completed scoring matrix, RoSPA will endeavour to process all applications within two weeks. During busy periods this may however increase
  • RoSPA verifies a sample of applications. If your application is selected for verification, you will be contacted by a RoSPA consultant who will discuss what supporting evidence is required (in the form of plans and drawings) to support the responses on your scoring matrix.
  • Verification is at no extra cost, but may lead to a delay in assigning a grade
  • The matrix must be completed for every dwelling type within a site/development
  • RoSPA will assign a grade (silver, gold or platinum) based on the information received. This decision is non-negotiable
  • One grade will be assigned per development – not one grade per dwelling type
  • In order to achieve a grade a ‘meaningful majority’ (defined as 90%) of dwellings within the development must meet that level (E.g. if 80% dwellings achieve gold, and 20% achieve silver, the development will be awarded silver; whereas if 90% dwellings achieve gold, and 10% achieve silver, the development will be awarded gold).
  • In the rare event that one dwelling type falls below the overall development level, a separate logo will be issued for use in materials pertaining directly to that dwelling type.
  • RoSPA will issue a certificate and blue boxed logo accordingly
  • The certificate will be made out to the development cited on the submitted scoring matrix
  • RoSPA reserves the right to refuse to work with clients at their discretion
The logo(s) will be accompanied by conditions for use, which must be complied with. Failure to comply will lead to the grade being revoked, with immediate effect. In such an occurrence, RoSPA will not be responsible for any charges incurred (e.g. reprinting marketing materials).