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At the point of purchase you will need to provide the following information:

Entry name – this must start with the name of the organisation, followed by the name of the site/project/division/region/contract, (if the entry is not for the whole organisation). Care should be taken to ensure the information you type is correct and contains no errors.

This awards category is not available for individuals, schemes, or products.

Number of employees – total number covered by the specific entry.

Award reference – is the unique six-digit reference given to each previously applied for entry. This reference can be found on all previous correspondence relating to that entry. It is not transferrable, so should not be used for different site/project/division/region/contractor or new entries. New entrants for the 2024 year will not have an awards reference until after purchase is complete.

Payment – card or invoice. For the latter, a company purchase order number must be provided.
After the purchase is complete you will receive an order confirmation, automated invoice (sent direct to the email address provided), and a link for you to select your additional ‘free to enter’ categories, (you will have 48 hours to respond).
Completing your entry - the link to the 2024 RoSPA Awards online entry platform, with new access username and password will be issued within 14 working days.  In the meantime, you should download the ⁠
category guide, and follow the guidance provided to start compiling your responses and supporting evidence.
All enquires should be directed to
[email protected]


Around 2.3 million women and men around the world lose their lives to work-related accidents or diseases every year, which equates to over 6,000 deaths every single day.

Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. These statistics are truly shocking. However, show your stakeholders that your organisation recognises the importance of good health and safety practice and show everybody how well you manage this function within your organisation by entering our Workplace Safety and Health Awards.

If you think your organisation has a high standard of health and safety within your sector – then enter our Industry Sector Awards, for the chance to benchmark your overall performance against other similar organisations. These industry sector awards are competitive and in each sector there will normally be one overall winner, followed by a “highly commended” and “commended”. So, if you think your organisation is amongst the best health and safety management performers within your sector – enter today!

If you’re not successful as one of our overall sector winners your entry is automatically reviewed for an achievement award grade at no extra cost, with a full feedback report included as standards for all sector award entrants.

What are the sectors for these awards?

We have 32 different sectors for these awards and all the sectors are listed below. If you’re unsure which sector to enter your organisation please contact us.

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Chemical
  • Commercial and Business Services
  • Construction - Commercial (Sponsored by QBE Insurance Group)
  • Construction - Engineering (Sponsored by NEBOSH)
  • Construction – Housebuilding & Property Development
  • Cultural Activities
  • Education & Training Services
  • Electricity Industry (Sponsored by NEBOSH)
  • Emergency Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Facilities Management
  • Food & Drink Manufacturing
  • Freezone
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Information & Communication
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing (Sponsored by QBE Insurance Group)
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • National Defence
  • Oil and Gas (Sponsored by NEBOSH)
  • Professional and Technical Activities
  • Public Service & Local Government (Sponsored by NEBOSH)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research & Development
  • Security Activities
  • Transport, Storage and Distribution (Sponsored by QBE Insurance Group)
  • Waste Management and Recycling (Sponsored by Alba)
  • Water
  • Wholesale & Retail

Who can enter the Industry Sector Awards?

Any organisation around the world can enter our Industry Sector Awards and it’s really easy to compile your award entry, you just need to do the following tasks:


Answer 10 key performance questions


Provide your accident, ill health and enforcement data


Supply evidence to support your entry such as policies, risk assessments, training etc.

Gain FREE advice and guidance on your Health and Safety Awards entry

If you’re new to the RoSPA Awards or are looking for advice on this years’ submission, why not request a free Health and Safety Awards mentor? We have a large network of mentors from all countries and sectors with an array of experience to help you on your RoSPA Awards journey.

By gaining access to a RoSPA Awards mentor, you will be:

  • Exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking of presenting your Health and Safety Awards submission
  • Gaining advice on developing strength and overcoming weaknesses in your entry
  • Gaining a better understanding and guidance on your Health and Safety Awards entry
  • Offered the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.

Once you have purchased your Health and Safety Award entry, email our awards support team quoting your order number and we will be in contact.

What questions will you need to answer to compete for an Industry Sector Award?

Below is a link to some of the main RoSPA Awards: Industry Sector questions. See what aspects of your health and safety management system you will need to describe as evidence in order to gain a RoSPA Award. Each question requires real-life examples. By providing this evidence clearly, it can help you achieve a higher award level.

The industry Sector Awards are a competitive category. If you can answer these questions about your organisation’s health and safety management systems, and have strong evidence to support your answers you could potentially win one of our industry sector awards. To decide this, your entry will be first be compared with all other entrants in your industry category, to see who comes out on Throughout the scheme we run a number of FREE webinars for new and existing award entrants, so if you need assistance with any of the questions, ask our judges or previous winners how they tackled or would tackle certain questions.

Take a look at some sample questions

What examples of work are needed to support your Industry Sector Award entry?

Our health and safety award judges look for a number of different resources, topics and key management techniques to be addressed in support of your answers to our questions, especially when it comes to showing you are the best within your sector.

Take a look at some examples

How are the RoSPA Industry Sector Awards judged?

Submissions for the Industry Sector Awards are assessed initially by one of a team of independent, experienced and well qualified health and safety professionals.

All submissions are scored, with most weighting being on the answers to the Key Performance questions and documents provided as supporting evidence.

Following the preliminary marking of entries, RoSPA identifies a shortlist of candidates for each sector award.

As the sector awards are competitive, success depends on the overall quality of the winning submission relative to other entries, not simply on achieving or exceeding a certain score. It is important to note however that, as the awards aim to recognise and celebrate excellence, we reserve the right not to make a sector award (or Highly Commended/Commended) if no entry is judged to have demonstrated a sufficiently high standard of performance.

The reference period for all 2024 entry content is the 2023 calendar year.

The Sir George Earle Trophy finalist stage

Overall Industry Sector winners are then given the opportunity to be considered alongside each other for the highest accolade in the RoSPA Awards, the Sir George Earle Trophy, which is selected from a short-list of the highest-performing Industry Sector Award winners. 

Finalists are required to undergo an additional assessment stage, involving a site visit from RoSPA consultants, and make a presentation to the judging panel. The Sir George Earle Trophy selection has a renewed focus on how its eventual winner can work together with RoSPA to create a lasting legacy of their success.

The additional finalist stages usually take place during March/April (calendar dependent).

Free feedback is included with your entry

As an industry sector entrant, you automatically receive feedback on your entry, so you can continually improve your submission and see what you’re doing well and what can be improved.

What’s included?

  • A report that is written by one of our entry assessors that focuses on your award entry format
  • Advice on topics/areas that aren't fit for purpose, or need improvement on an organisational level
  • Feedback on each individual question which includes positive observations and information that could be included to improve your mark next time around
  • Additional comments on each section of your entry.