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RoSPA Health & Safety Awards Free to enter RoSPA Awards

After you have registered your organisation for an Achievement Award, Industry Sector Award, Fleet Safety Award or Leisure Safety Award your organisation is entitled to enter our free RoSPA Awards. You can enter as many additional categories as you wish.

What are our FREE RoSPA Awards?

Our FREE RoSPA Awards cover a wide range of specific areas of health and safety and allow your organisation to show others how well your organisation manages these specific issues. Some of the awards require an additional question set to be completed and submitted, and others you are automatically considered for via the content you include in your Industry Sector Award or Achievement Award submission.

An additional question set is required for:




The RoSPA International Dilmun Environmental Award

The RoSPA International Dilmun Environmental Award recognises excellence in environmental sustainability as well as health and safety management.

The way organisations manage environmental issues is a crucial measure of its standards of corporate social responsibility, competitiveness and vision. As more and more organisations accept the link between these, it is increasingly clear that, like health and safety, environmental concerns must be managed strategically and integrated at the very heart of management systems and decision-making.

Entering this RoSPA Award will require you to compile a separate RoSPA International Dilmun Environmental Award submission, with supporting evidence.

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Health at Work Award

Entering the Health at Work Award category allows you to explore your organisation's strategic vision for health and wellbeing, what you have been doing to achieve it. and what makes you distinctive and innovative in your approach.

For the chance to win this respected specialist trophy, you  will be required to compile a separate RoSPA Health at Work Award submission, with supporting evidence.

Our judges will be giving consideration to a range of occupational health and wellbeing themes, including the identification, assessment, monitoring and prevention of health risks, occupational hygiene and wellness at work, including mental health and wellbeing.

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Inspiring Women in Safety Award

This award will be made to an individual who has made a significant inspirational impact in the world of health, safety and wellbeing. This may relate to activities within the workplace, or by use of their skills and expertise beyond the workplace.

RoSPA judges will consider how nominees have been a source of inspiration. For example, nominees could be junior employees showing passion in the way they work, a rising star who is influencing networks beyond their organisation, or inspiring senior managers championing gender, diversity and inclusion. All nominees’ achievements will be considered in their own right, with seniority and experience not being the most important factor.

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The Inspiration Awards

The Inspiration Awards are a set of free to enter categories that honour the outstanding contributions made by individuals and teams, and stand out projects and initiatives they have been responsible for.

If you have inspirational colleagues who deserve praise for their commitment and ideas, the five Inspiration Award categories are for you – with a separate submission/nomination required for each colleague you put forward.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to safety professionals or campaigners who have made a long-term, sustained contribution to improving health and safety.

Health and Safety Team of the Year

There are great success stories of teamwork to be told from within our organisations. Tales of achievement against the odds, nurturing and development of employees and passion for keeping others safe.

Health and Safety Initiative of the Year

Each year, RoSPA Awards assessors read about fascinating, industry-leading, innovative solutions to health and safety management. They range from genuine firsts – not seen elsewhere in industry - to SMEs delivering outstanding projects that belie their size and resources.

Influencer Award

Awarded to those who have made the biggest impact in health and safety, either at work or in the community in the past 12 months.

Pride Award

The Pride Award invites nominations to honour the stand-out efforts and achievements of individuals whose efforts have had a huge, potentially life-saving, impact far beyond their responsibilities.

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All entries are automatically considered for:


The Best New Entry Award

If you're a new Achievement Award entrant to the RoSPA Awards, you will be considered for the Best New Entry Award.

Entering this award does not require you to compile another submission, as by compiling your achievement award entry you will automatically enter this award. It recognises the best entry from an organisation participating for the first time, and is selected from entrants to the occupational achievement award, fleet safety award, and leisure safety award category.

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RoSPA Member - Most Improved Entry Award

RoSPA membership gives access to a wide range of benefits and information to help support your day-to-day health and safety management improvement.

New for 2024, we will recognise two RoSPA member award entrants (one from the UK, and one international) that have made the most significant improvement since their 2023 RoSPA Award result. Winners will be selected from January 24, 2024 deadline achievement award entrants who have
improved by at least a whole-grade level since 2023.

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New for 2024


The RoSPA Workforce Involvement in Safety and Health Trophy

All Industry Sector Award entrants are considered for this trophy, based on their responses to key questions within their main award submission.

If your organisation demonstrates the best consultation and involvement with its employees in developing and delivering its health and safety management – then you could win the RoSPA Workforce Involvement in Safety and Health Trophy.

Entering this award does not require you to compile another submission as your main entry will automatically be assessed for these criteria.

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The Scotland Trophy

Recognises the organisation with the highest standard of health and safety management and performance.

Entering this award does not require you to compile another submission - if you entered the Industry Sector Awards and are based in or operating in Scotland you will be automatically entered.

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The International Sector Award

The winner is selected from amongst the best-scoring Industry Sector Awards entrants, and must be a non-UK entrant.

This award is automatically selected during the judging process for the industry sector awards and does not require an additional submission.

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Fall Prevention Trophy

Fall prevention is a key campaign for RoSPA, as the single biggest cause of not just major workplace injuries, but also accidental injury in the home. 
For 2024 we will be showcasing learning and awarding the overall best or innovative approach to management of slips, trips and falls (including falls from height) with the Fall Prevention Trophy.

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Health and Safety Beyond the Workplace Trophy

Accidents in the home kill around 40 times more people than accidents in the workplace. With that in mind, we have teamed up with L’Oréal to create the Health and Safety Beyond the Workplace Trophy.

This RoSPA Award recognises companies that have demonstrated excellence and innovation in promoting safety and protecting employees in their lives outside of the workplace, in the home and in local communities.

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