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falls are our number #1 priority

Falls Prevention

Falls are unexpected and shocking. Having a fall can happen to anyone, but they are most common and tend to be more serious for people in later life. And the impact is huge. They result in nearly half a million hospital admissions each year and are the single biggest cause of accidental injuries in the home. Yet, simply giving people access to useful information, support and the knowledge and skills to help themselves
and others in their family or community, means:

Falls don't have to happen!


Why falls matter


684000 individuals die from falls globally


This is a shocking and unacceptable toll!


Annual deaths due to falls have nearly doubled in England since 1990 and are the largest cause of accidental death among some of the most vulnerable in our society - those over 65. Each year falls cause untold suffering, not only to those directly affected but also to family, friends, colleagues, bystanders and communities.


At RoSPA we prevent accidents that are life-ending and life-changing


We're working tirelessly to reduce the number of falls...


On stairs 

700 people die 

each year in England

 man with a cane

To over 65s 

3500 people die 

each year in the UK


Into water

200 people die 

each year in the UK

What we're doing to prevent falls...


Falls are the single biggest cause of accidental injury, and the largest cause of accidental death to over-65s.

Yet despite the huge burden falls place on individuals, families and healthcare services, they are often overlooked. Dismissed as inevitable; trivialised as harmless…

The truth is, falls cause untold devastation - and they are on the rise.

At RoSPA, we know that falls can be prevented.


We’re working tirelessly to:

  • Reduce the burden of treatment on the NHS, through community prevention

  • Empower an army of over 15,000 RoSPA Fall Fighters

  • Train the next generation of falls prevention practitioners

  • Fund community strength and balance classes

  • Celebrate the employers who raise standards and share expertise

  • Ensure stairs are ‘safer by design’

  • Stop drowning from falls into water.

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