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What is course assurance

Course Assurance allows organisations to get their health and safety training courses independently verified.


Why should you get your courses assured?

Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. Within the UK alone, £15 billion was the annual cost of work-related and new cases of ill health. Course Assurance allows organisations to gain assurance from RoSPA Qualifications, a leading name in health and safety and nationally recognised Awarding Organisation, providing reassurance to customers, employees and stakeholders that your programme(s) are of a high standard.

Course Assurance gives confidence that:

  • the course content contains relevant information
  • the course will be pitched at the appropriate level
  • the course will meet high standards for trainer competence and course quality

Successful courses that meet the Course Assurance standards will be awarded a Course Assurance certificate and provided with their own RoSPA Qualifications Course Assured logo that can be used on all course materials/e-learning pages to promote the achievement.

The logo will be valid for two years, following which courses must be re-submitted for Course Assurance.

Benefits of Course Assurance for in-house training
Benefits of Course Assurance for training providers
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of your workforce

    Using training with assurance from a leading name in health, safety and road safety becoming a recognised awarding organisation means your employees are being trained to the highest standards, which can help address skills gaps and future proof
    your organisation

  • Attract new and retain current employees

    Assured in-house training can help attract and retain employees by showing how committed you are to investing in your staff

  • Give the best customer experience possible

    When your employees are trained to our exacting standards, you can be assured that your customers will benefit too.

  • Means you’re a trusted training provider

    Delegates looking for a reason to trust your training and ensure their success will be attracted by your Assured status

  • Win new business

    Promoting your training using your exclusive RoSPA Qualifications Course Assured logo gives you a competitive edge by showcasing your quality and could potentially help win new tenders where commissioners are requiring a RoSPA Qualifications Assured Provider.

What does the Course Assurance service cover?

The Course Assurance service ensures that all health and safety training courses that go through this process meet our high standard deliverables and once this has been achieved awards a RoSPA Qualifications ‘stamp of assurance’ accordingly.

Any training courses that are delivered by workshops, presentations, webinars, seminars and e-learning can be course assured through RoSPA Qualifications Course Assurance program.

The RoSPA Qualifications Course Assurance logo is used to indicate courses which currently meet RoSPA’s assurance standards.

Your health and safety training course will be reviewed against a set of standards that cover learning and development, and technical content and compliance. The course assurance process will be managed start to finish on our 24/7 online management system, ensuring a streamlined and straightforward experience.

Course Assurance is valid for two years, over which time our quality assurance team will carry out a range of monitoring activities and provide on-going support and advice. After the two year period, courses must be resubmitted.

Course Assurance Journey

We have a team of course assurance advisors here to help you on your journey each step of the way. Contact us today and we will be able to help you get your course assured.

Important information:

1) In order to qualify for our Course Assurance Service, you must be a RoSPA member.
2) RoSPA Qualifications reserve the right not to progress applications for Course Assurance where the course does not fit our criteria
for assurance.

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