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As restrictions ease around the UK, it is important to have a safe and positive experience when you visit the beach or an inland water site.

On average, 400 people accidentally drown in the UK each year. Many of these people had no intention of entering the water – they are simply everyday mistakes such as trip or fall into water or misjudgements such as underestimating the effect of swimming in cold open water. Others result from inherently risky activities like jumping/tombstoning from a great height into water.

That’s why we are supporting the National Water Safety Forums #RespectTheWater campaign to help keep people safe around the UKs waters.

To look after yourself and keep safe, follow these two key pieces of advice:

  • If you get into trouble in the in the water, Float to Live. Lean back and use your arms and legs to help you float, then get control of your breathing before calling for help or swimming to safety.
  • If you see someone else in trouble in the water, call 999 or 112. If you are the coast ask for the coastguard, if you are inland, ask for the fire service.

For more information, visit the National Water Safety website.

What can you do to keep safe?

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