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Working together to ensure everyone who goes to work comes home to their loved ones safely

Everyone who goes to work should come home to their loved ones safely.

An estimated 2.3 million people around the world have work-related accidents or diseases every year, which relates to over 6000 deaths every single day.

We’re pleased to form a strong partnership with Arco which is the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment, work wear, safety boots and shoes, gloves and maintenance supplies, and has firmly secured itself as an expert in safety.

No matter how challenging a work environment might be, we both believe that everyone who goes to work has a basic human right to come home to their loved ones safely. Through its dedicated in-house experts, Arco helps to shape the safety world in order to ensure UK workers go home safe every night.

Our partnership

The RoSPA and Arco partnership, formed at the House of Lords in December of 2018, cements this commitment to workplace safety. It unites two long-standing, reputable brands, each with a shared commitment to keeping people safe.

By working together we:

  • Collaborate on initiatives to drive down the number of serious accidental injuries and cases of ill health in the UK and beyond
  • Bolster Arco’s key quality and expertise differentiators by providing a platform for thought leadership
  • Provide exposure to health and safety decision makers in Arco’s target markets
  • Generate positive affiliation via association with the RoSPA brand

Preferred PPE Supplier

Our Members and Award winners share a commitment to high standards of workplace safety, and the depth of their engagement means they look to RoSPA for guidance on doing so. Being able to position Arco as our preferred PPE supplier allows us to meet this need, while providing Arco with a unique competitive advantage and routes to market.

"We are delighted to be partnering with RoSPA, a highly respected organisation that shares the same core values as Arco – life, free from serious accidental injury – and honoured to be its preferred PPE supplier."

Bryan Lawrie
Sales and Marketing Director, Arco

Best New Entry Sponsorship

As one of the most prestigious and recognised schemes in the world, the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards have run annually for over 65 years, attracting close to 2,000 entries from over 40 countries.

Arco is proud to be the sponsor of the “Best New Entry Award” category in the RoSPA Awards 2019. The award recognises the best entry from an organisation participating for the first time.

As leader on product quality, and driving improvements in quality standards across the industry, its sponsorship provides Arco with a platform and exposure to key health and safety decision makers across the globe.

Supporting Brighter Beginnings

Every child deserves the best start in life. However, accidents involving children devastate lives, with under-5s particularly at risk. Latest research shows that two thirds of parents don’t feel they receive the advice they need to keep their children safe. Through RoSPA’s Brighter Beginnings Appeal, money is raised to provide Keeping Kids Safe packs to families in need.

Arco is a significant partner, and has supported our Brighter Beginnings Appeal by funding 500 Keeping Kids Safe packs, which were distributed to young families in disadvantaged areas via the Goodwin Trust. In November 2018, Arco hosted a week of safety activities for staff and the company’s local community in Hull.

"RoSPA’s Brighter Beginnings Appeal is a fantastic campaign that aims to highlight the risks facing children around the UK. As a company that commits itself to keeping people safe, we believe it’s important to extend this to home life too… Our charitable donation will enable RoSPA to continue distributing its Keeping Kids Safe packs to families across the UK to demonstrate steps they can take to prevent home accidents."

Bryan Lawrie
Sales and Marketing Director, Arco

Looking to the future

Our charitable partnership offers a unique and powerful opportunity to deliver on shared objectives, as embodied the projects and strategies that have been launched to date. As we look to the future, together we will continue to ensure that everyone who goes to work comes home to their loved ones safely.

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